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May 2018

Outcome Based Education

Outcome Based Education - what is it all about?

Mary Clotilda Suvin

Even William Spady, the self-proclaimed father of Outcome Based Learning (OBE) when he first initiated OBE, he wouldn’t have thought that his brainchild would come this long way in the field of Education. This blog aims in pondering on what is Outcome Based Education and what constitutes it  on a larger scale. It also tries to find, how it fits into today’s educational system and the advent of automated OBE.


May 2016


Twelve accreditation problems of institutions outcome-based education software can solve


Accreditation is about assuring threshold quality as well as assuring quality improvement in higher education institutions and programs. Colleges, universities and higher education institutes should ensure academic quality. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality.


April 2016

Attendance Management System

6 super teacher tools for improving learning outcomes


This is what happens in a classroom. When you teach a hard topic in Mathematics, most of the students will find it difficult to solve the problem. Very few knew the right answer even after you worked with some examples. When you teach again for few more minutes, few more students can find the right answer. When you take the problem the other way and teach with videos and slides, many will think it is easy. As a result of this experience, students can learn very quickly and no one had to come for after-school tutoring. 


March 2016

Assessment management system

Online assessment management system enhances student learning outcomes


Many academic institutions are increasingly feeling the need for revamping the assessment pattern. A flexible assessment data management system enables institutions to manage data related to coursework, quizzes, tests, examinations, and generate reports to evaluate student performance.  The system is built around academic goals to improve the student learning and outcomes, and help education institutions to take informed decisions. The education assessment platform works on multiple platforms – cloud, web and mobile.