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Leave Management System

Creatrix Campus leave management system offers a wide range of features and functionality, which lets educational institutions of every size to know that all their students and staff leave requests are managed efficiently.

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Catered to Everyone's needs

IT Admin

Reduce truancy, improve achievement and success. Notify families about student’s absences. Graphical analysis of leave links the performance of students to improve attendance and build discipline.

Faculty / Staff

Access accurate data about student's absences, number of leaves taken, leave trends, and leave balances. Leave management system provides a clear, consistent and fact-based guidance to approve leave requests.


Customized as per the institute’s leave policy to ensure compliance and prevent students and staff to bypass rules or use favoritism while applying for or approving leave requests.

Key features that sets us apart

Leave Management

Time & leave management system is simple, easy to use, and fully customizable. Easy to configure different leave policies. Centrally store all data in one place.Using college management software access absence and leave data of students & staff from anywhere, anytime on iPhone & Android devices.Easily plan and schedule holidays and events during the academic year via web, iOS & Android devices.

  •  Easy to setup and user-friendly
  •  Mobile access
  •  Holidays and Events leave

Leave Types

Create multiple types of leave and absence of students and staff, with the ability to approve or reject leave, and maintain leave account accurately and efficiently.The administrator can add/edit different types of leave such as earned leave, sick leave, casual leave, sabbatical leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, study leave, duty leave, and more.

Customize leave types for any type of institution such as leave granting, leave availing restrictions, week end policies, leave pro-rating , leave year end processing, etc.

  •  Multiple leave types and absences
  •  Add/Edit leave types
  •  Customizable leave types

Leave Requests and Approvals

Creatrix implements secure role-based automated workflows of the complete leave management starting from submission of leave application form to routing to authorized staff to approve or reject and automatically updating the leave database in real time.Automated leave management process right from the initial request from students or parents. Teachers can track leave requests of students from website and mobile devices.

High level of data security and integrity. Complete audit trails of leave requests using absence management software in higher education.Improved visibility to leaves and absences of students and staff; Approve, reject or cancel time-off leave requests using online leave management system.

  •  Leave workflow automation
  •  Track leave requests
  •  Audit trails
  •  Multi-level leave approval

Calendar Notifications

Set up a specific calendar type or integrate Google Calendar. Display rest days, holidays and leave in the calendar.Notify leave and absences on various channels at once to the selected contacts via email, SMS, and messaging.Send automatic notifications on important events to students, staff, teachers, parents and alumni by Email and SMS.

  •  Calendar integration
  •  Notifications
  •  Event alerts

Know More and Connect

I have spent 10 years in IT departments of higher education industry. I have not seen a system as comprehensive and as modern as Creatrix Campus. They can take areas live within weeks including training vs. taking months. Ali Mansoor
Gulf University

Faculty Management Solution!

  • 13 / 09 / 2018
  • Data Sheet

A system designed to track Faculty Life-Cycle in Educational Institutes.


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