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Why Creatrix Campus

Start the revolution

Most Comprehensive

Our comprehensive suite of solutions covers everything from Admissions to Accreditation. You can choose from a range of solutions like LMS, SIS, OBE, Chatbots and more.

Most Flexible

A very flexible system that integrates seamlessly with various software including 3rd parties. Customization of workflows, scheduling, curriculum, everything happens on a click.

Most Modern

Highly compliant with Bloom's Taxonomy of all three domains and all levels, Creatrix offers solutions that is truly modern and in-trend with the Global evolution of Education.

Unrelenting Support


Our support team offers continuous and unrelenting support to our clients that helps you hit the ground running. Our team consists of not only technology experts, but also educators who know your pain and able to solve problems with quick fixes. Our system is also ready for use and has beautiful user experience which makes it easy for anyone to understand and get used to. Creatrix comes with complete suite of solutions, so you don’t need different vendors for different requirements.

  • Chatbots
  • Video Lessons
  • On-Call
  • Ticketing System

Mobile Ready

mobile ready mobile ready mobile ready mobile ready


Combine anything with any of our solutions. Integrate more than 500+ different applications, software and tools allowing a single platform usage.

Mobile First

Access from any device, anytime! Mobile first way of creation allows amazing user experience from the device you are most comfortable with - your smartphones. 


Keep in touch with staff, students and administration. Be notified immediately and share your thoughts on activity wall. Message individually or in groups. 

Know More and Connect

Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

How Faculty's Role In NBA Accreditation Process Can Be Made Easier

  • 11 / 08 / 2018
  • Whitepaper

Is it possible for a software to help get your educational institution that esteemed accreditation that you are aiming for?


Uncompromising Data Security

Data Management

Manage all data from one system and integrate it beautifully across platforms

No hardware

Easy implementation. Do not require any hardware configuration.

Data Security

Be assured of data security and user information with the cloud based software

Zero Coding

A ready-made system that doesn't let you write a single line of coding.

Request for Demo

Invite your entire team to get a demo at no cost to walk you through all the solutions and services. We are worldwide and available to give demos across the week. You can get started by filling out this form and choosing what solutions you would like to go through during the demo. Please mention the date and time as per your convenience. We are happy to connect with you soon.

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