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Student Information System

From enrollment to transcripts ultimate sync!

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Real-Time updates for students, sync with calendars and guide towards success.


Comprehensive and easy administrator tools with intuitive reports and dashboards


Powerful teaching and evaluation tools with grade calculation using weightages.

Key features that sets us apart

360° student profile

Enough thorough profile information from enrollment, course self-registration, LMS, Assessments, Students outcomes tracking, library books and so on. Sync all details of promotions, graduations, events, communities, groups, study plan, degree path, report cards and transcripts, behavior or incident tracking and so on.

View all the events displayed in the calendar including admissions events, assignment due dates, etc. Pay your college fees in a secure environment.

  • Manage Enrollment.
  • Study Plan/ Degree Path
  • Track attendance and download transcripts
  • Manage Student Promotion and Graduation

Self-Studies/Collab Study

Integration with LMS and academic systems lets students plan their study, visualize their study path and allows self study or collaboration study.

Allocate assignments to students. Check submitted assignments for originality and send feedback to students. Create and submit assignments including images, audio and video elements and meet your deadlines.

  • Submit Assignments
  • Self-paced learning
  • Track report cards and transcripts
  • Pay fee and track exam information

Transcripts and Report Cards

Comprehensive, and secure reporting tools enable administrators to create standard and customized reports on admission, attendance, report card, transcripts, etc. and plan for student success. Allocate assignments to students. Check submitted assignments for originality and send feedback to students.

Using student database management system generate various types of real-time reports and customised reports.for individuals and department at quick turnaround time.

  • Records Management
  • Reports and transcripts management
  • Track student progress
  • Parent Portal

Reminders & Notifications

Generate proper notifications, alerts and reminders for all activities and keep the constituents informed using email, SMS or push messages from mobile devices. Integration with existing modules with the ability to add/drop modules; Seamlessly integrate with other campus applications and database systems.

Send automatic notifications via email, SMS or messaging to parents on student’s attendance & academic performance.

  • Send mass notifications
  • Message individually or in groups
  • Configure auto notifications
  • Send alerts via Email and SMS.

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I have spent 10 years in IT departments of higher education industry. I have not seen a system as comprehensive and as modern as Creatrix Campus. They can take areas live within weeks including training vs. taking months. Ali Mansoor
Gulf University


  • 13 / 09 / 2018
  • Whitepaper

Technology-enabled assessments help students plan and achieve lifelong career success. Using assessment management…


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