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We’ll get everyone on your team up to speed with expert training

Virtual Training

Creatrix offers virtual instructor led training classes using powerpoints, workflow processes, and Interactive Chatting about our modules using web meeting capabilities. Online quiz can be attended by users to further reinforce the Creatrix skills. Training strategies are tailored to user preferences. Creatrix’ expert trainers teach your users to incorporate the system and use the software into their daily practices.

In-person training

Learn Creatrix in a classroom environment with in-person training classes. Our expert trainers are experienced and knowledgeable in higher education sector. So they know just how to ensure you get the most from your new Mandata software.

Our expert faculties provide face-to-face instruction and interactivity using demonstrations, powerpoints, quizzes, workflow of key functional areas of the Creatrix software to meet the day to day operations of users. Users will benefit from a proven curriculum and collaboration between others in the class. Training is provided during phased implementation and operations.

Partner Training

Creatrix training to partners to develop expertise, knowledge, and skills in selling, implementing, maintaining, and supporting Creatrix solutions worldwide.

Knowledge Management

Creatrix has built a comprehensive knowledge base about the company’s technology and products to customers and users for solving problems and troubleshooting. User feedback mechanism is enabled to contribute and improve the quality of content. Training documents are periodically updated as and when the product version undergoes a change with instant email notifications to users.

We've created several modules with capabilities to add course content, attach assignments, tests & quizzes, schedule events, upload videos, feedback surveys, discussion forums and more.We help users flourish with self-service learning enabling users to learn at their own pace and become more self-sufficient.

Single Integrated Platform

Creatrix offers the most comprehensive cloud-based education solution on one integrated platform, so institutions can manage all the data from a centralized location. Users can develop custom forms,fields, rules, email templates regardless of the size of the institution. The possibilities are endless. Our platform can meet all your needs - fast deployment, configuration, customization, scalability and localization to satisfy your operational requirements, or enhanced data security, easier back-ups, and disaster recovery to keep your data safe and sound.

We utilize integration strategies to analyze how different modules interact with Creatrix and formulate strategies to integrate and migrate mission critical software into a converged infrastructure.