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Student Attendance Management System

From Thumbs to Cloud, enjoy Automated control of attendance

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Reduce truancy, enhance punctuality, improve focus, retention, achievement and success. 


Managing and maintaining attendance is no longer a hassle. Take attendance quickly and efficiently. 


Management gets auto generated attendance reports at the end of each day.

Key features that sets us apart


Manage and capture time and attendance for classes, periods and daily needs with the ability to include attendance history on the report card of students.

Easily scalable and flexible to deploy the attendance management system in schools. Click the student profile to access attendance information you need and check the absences or late students. Configure and customize the student attendance rules based on classes, periods and daily needs to become efficient.

  • Configure attendance rules
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Notify parents about tardy students
  • Send absence data by email, SMS & messaging.

Track & Biometrics

Simply track students' as well as staffs' late arrivals, early departures and absences, explained and unexplained.

Time and Attendance system is built around a secure architecture and role-based access system which allows you to track in real time and provide a set of rights to instructors to manage student attendance data. Using the security features ensures the data is safe, reliable and confidential. Instantly add third party fingerprint biometric software which supports fingerprint based  biometrics.

  • Integrate 3rd party Biometrics
  • Integrates with ID card swipe
  • Safe, reliable and confidential

Mobile App

Mobile attendance management enables easy access to attendance data and view the real-time status on iPhone & Android devices.

Manage and capture time and attendance for classes, periods and daily needs with the ability to include attendance history on the report card of students. Mark your class attendance at your fingers and sync with cloud, that automatically integrates with your SIS. Mobile also provides attendance options for resources like staff, faculty, admins etc.

  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Unique login and passwords
  • Auto sync with web portal
  • Reminds to take attendance during class

Extensive Reports

All kinds of reports like performance, daily reports, absence and late reports for the entire institute can be generated.

The reports can be tracked real time to give immediate reminders and notifications to students failing to the criteria. Also, faculty can apply for leave. Leave types can be edited and becomes added in the attendance management system.

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Timely Notifications and Alerts

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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