Student Attendance Management System

Automated control of attendance using cloud-based Biometric & RFID Attendance Management Software System ensures timely and accurate attendance data to help schools & higher education.


    Reliable and accurate tracking

    Creatrix Campus Attendance Management System minimizes the amount of time and effort needed to accurately track and manage student attendance, while providing convenient mobile access to teachers.


    Automated Time & Attendance

    Automate attendance management process to generate customized reports, letters and notices. Notify parents about tardy students and absence data by email, SMS & messaging.


    Multi-level management capabilities

    Secure architecture and role-based access enables schools to provide a set of rights to teachers to manage student attendance data. Using the security features ensures the data is safe, reliable and confidential.


    Simple and easy to use

    Easily scalable and flexible to deploy the attendance management system in schools. Click the student profile to access attendance information you need and check the absences or late students.




    Streamline Registration

    Access student information and streamline the whole registration using automated processes. Students can register for courses with real-time update of data for monitoring the student’s attendance accurately and save valuable staff time.


    Timetable Management

    Automatically create and maintain academic schedules of students and groups. Manage timetable effectively and minimize students’ course conflicts. Customize timetables based on classrooms, courses, periods and teachers.


    Seating Charts

    Create seating charts for each semester of a course to maximize the learning capabilities of students. Record attendance using seating charts. Make use of attendance data to assign seats for students.


      Track Student Attendance

      Manage and capture time and attendance for classes, periods and daily needs with the ability to include attendance history on the report card of students. Simply track student’s late arrivals, early departures and absences, explained and unexplained.


      Customizable Calendar

      View attendance or absence information of students or staff in the calendar and easily customize the selection period to display attendance record reporting for the specified period (day/month/week).


      Student ID card & Biometrics

      Time and Attendance system is built around a highly secure system which allows you to track students by swiping their ID cards or using biometrics system to input student data automatically as they enter into the school.


        Attendance Data on Mobile

        Automatically import and process the student attendance data in a variety of formats. Easily access the attendance history of the student in real-time. Mobile attendance management enables easy access to attendance data and view the real-time status on iPhone & Android devices.


        Customized Reports

        Configure and customize the student attendance rules based on classes, periods and daily needs to become efficient. Get attendance reports in multiple formats and track academic performance in graphs and charts for reliable decision-making.


        Notifications & Reminders

        Send automatic notifications to parents by SMS or email for insufficient attendance, absences, and behavior. Notify administrators and send reminders to teachers who have not submitted attendance in a timely manner.



        Automated Attendance


        Simple and easy-to-use student & staff attendance management software.


        Eliminates paperwork, manual processing and error-free attendance tracking.


        Automated, online and mobile-based platform for easy accessibility.


        Fully configurable and customizable cloud services.


        Effective Retention


        Reduce time & costs for managing attendance.


        Improve student retention, achievement, and success.


        Optimize the use of IT resources


        Enhanced interactions with teachers and parents


        Improved student focus


        Real-time Access


        Access online attendance system from any location, at all times.


        Access attendance data from any location, at all times.


        Improved attendance, submission rates and better student engagement.


        Easy communication and follow-up actions with students and staff.