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Creatrix Campus implements the entire line of solutions with precision and full support

360 Degree Integration

The biggest pain when it comes to newer software or technologies is adaptation and integration with pre-existing software and tools. Creatrix Campus takes care of that issue and allows simple and easy integration with pre-existing tools and software like Learning Management System, Student Information System, accounts and ledgers etc. allowing seamless operations.

Tailor Fit Customization

The architecture lets you to design the workflow, custom forms, and create role-based controls. This way it assures the privacy of content and controls as prescribed by the institute. Our system also controls multiple forms, multiple admission cycles, and multiple workflows simultaneously, allowing the uniqueness of the process or workcycles to every program because we understand not every program is the same.

On Time & On the Go

The cloud application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime on any device like mobile, desktop, tabs etc. Creatrix Campus delivers key features and functions such as secure access to data on the cloud-based system, remote logging, real-time data updates, push notifications, calendar and event scheduling and more.