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Fee Management System

Creatrix Campus provides a comprehensive student fee management solution to automate, streamline and transform fee processing to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

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Finance Administrators

Managing collection of institute fees is done with the help of easy-to-use and customizable fee management software resulting in highly accurate data. Automate fee invoicing and generate fee due report easily and at any point of time.

Finance Officers

Fee collection when done manually is prone to human error. Automating the online fee collection process in multi-user environment helps avoid the errors. Fee structuring becomes very simple and easy with less involvement of workforce.


Creatrix Campus provides a comprehensive student fee management solution to automate, streamline and transform fee processing to drive efficiency and reduce costs.Track and post fees for admission, hostel, library, and other activities in student accounts.

Key features that sets us apart


Custom invoicing options for tuition, library and other student fees with options to apply tax and fine rules to the invoices.Create a recurring invoices and automatic billing for repeat payment schedules.Configure and schedule fee collection with a systematic installment plan for student admissions.

  •  Custom invoicing
  •  Recurring invoicing
  •  Installment plan


Intelligent fee collection software enable students to get a personalized fee quote for programs and follow up inquiries.It's straightforward to convert accurate, professional fee estimates into an invoice with ease, and can set up recurring invoices.Keep track of course fee estimates and bills in real time to recruit more students and increase profitability.

  •  Fee quote
  •  Turn estimates into invoices
  •  Track estimates


Enjoy easy, fast and secure collection of fees payable by students, with less involvement of resources. Allow parents to pay online by integration with payment gateways.Automatically generate receipts for online fee payments made by students and parents and view the billing history.

Student fee collection software enable teachers and students to view fee payments, while parents can check student balances and make payments that are posted to the student's account.Automatically sync fee credits, and refunds into the system for future payments with secure online processing.Generate reports on fee collection, fee dues, etc. with class-wise, student-wise data for a specific period.

  •  Online payment with secure payment gateway
  •  Fee receipts
  •  Role-based access to fee payments
  •  Manage credits and refunds
  •  Payment reports


Track payments in foreign currencies easily and cost-effectively to ensure a competitive exchange rate.Easily generate expense receipts for different periods and control your cash flow.Identify the spending trends in various categories and save for future goals.

Automatically calculate tuition, fees and charges during registration and view mandatory fees payments of students enrolled for the courses.Automatically generate receipts for online fee payments made by students and parents and view the billing history.Stay connected with students and send fee due alerts and reminders.

  •  Track expenses on various currencies
  •  Get expense receipts
  •  Find where we spent


Generate real time dashboards reports on fee dues and aging of student accounts to analyze and make decisions quicker and easier.Generate accurate and error-free reports on fee collection, late fee fine, forecasted fee revenue, shortfall amount and more.

Seamless, error-free fee management system that generates meaningful and generate up-to-date reports on fee dues and aging of student accounts for different periods to analyze and make decisions quicker and easier.With fee management system, communicate to students and teachers on fee particulars and send fee reminders to parents via email and SMS alerts.

  •  Aging wise dashboards
  •  Total revenue
  •  Fee due reports
  •  Notifications and Reminders

Know More and Connect

Creatrix Campus has great modules for registration, CBE, course management, schedules and analytics. They support is excellent and timely. Prof. Rafael Brisita
Vice President, SWC, St. Phlilp's College


  • 13 / 09 / 2018
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