Fee Management System



    Intelligent & User friendly

    College fee management system offers an intelligent, reliable and easy to use interface with powerful features for educational institutions of any type or size.


    Automate fee processing

    Automate the collection and processing of fee applications from students throughout their entire academic career and automatically post in student account.


    Track fees

    Collect and track all types of student fee payments for courses, examination, tuition, textbooks, library, bus passes, and more. Track and monitor donations and contributions.


    Scholarship Management

    Streamline the entire scholarship awarding process to enable students to apply for scholarships in just minutes. Track and review scholarship applications quickly to help students.


    Configure fee collection

    Configure fee collection based on various combinations and dependencies such as number of installments, late payment penalties, discounts, exemptions, taxes, and more.


    Online fee payments

    Enjoy easy, fast and secure collection of fees payable by students in installments, with less involvement of resources. Allow parents to pay online by integration with payment gateways.



    Invoicing options for tuition, lunch and other student fees. Issue receipts automatically for paid invoices. Create a recurring invoices and automatic billing for repeat payment schedules.


    Alerts & Reminders

    Send fee due alerts and reminders when payment is overdue at the exact time you specify via email, SMS and push notifications to ensure fee payments on time by students.



    Support seamless integration of fee automation software system with prominent third party cloud accounting software for financial compliance reporting.



    Paperless management


    Reduce tedious paperwork.


    Eliminate manual postings.


    Fast & easy fee collection.


    Simplify reconciliations.


    Reduce data re-entries.


    Increase revenue


    Automated fee assessment


    Increase collection with online fee payments


    Involve lesser workforce.


    Auto-invoicing saves time.


    Improve loan repayments


    Capture fee receipts accurately.


    Fee default reduction with more aggressive collection.


    Projection on dues with installment planning.