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Learning Management System

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Save time, resources and reduce learning and development costs to meet the changing needs of modern learners. 


Personalized leaning path to meet the diverse needs of students, and provide equal opportunities for everyone.


Collaborative and communication tools for applying various learning models in a wide range of digital formats. 

Key features that sets us apart


The focus of Learning Management System is to ensure that learning has taken place in the student. This ensuring often lacks from the current LMS. Completing a video and learning the course is two different things. Ensuring that the learning has happened is the task of a collaborative LMS

Collaborate with Polls, Notifications, Quiz, Sharing on Activity wall and Social pages.Integrated calendar that gives tracking of syllabus and lessons to be completed within a timeline. Collaborativeness is an important essence of a learning management system.

  • Calendar
  • Polls
  • Notifications
  • Quiz & Assessments

Outcome Focused

Imagine an LMS that evaluates performance and qualifies students based on their performances into their outcomes. That is a future LMS. Outcome Based Education is the industry wide keyword that is on all maps & charts for higher education.

OBE is to become the standard of learning in the following decade and every institute will want to have accreditation from various governing bodies that allows more acceptance and enrollment of students. Having an LMS system that integrates with the outcomes, makes it accreditation friendly and also serves as a continuous improvement tool for quality.

  • Outcome Based Education compliant
  • Grading Rubrics
  • Online Assessments
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

Pedagogy Tools

Pedagogy tools must be available for a Learning Management System. One of the major lack in the current LMS is it’s integration with curriculum management or lack of need-based design.

Define roles and controls for students, senior faculty and teaching assistants. The teaching committee can structure the learning into what can be taught in class and what must be relegated through an LMS. The students on the other hand are able to represent their learning in different formats.

  • Plan and Design Course
  • Develop Course materials
  • Students submit assignments
  • Structure the learning and outcomes

Flipped Learning

Support Flipped Learning through the Learning Management System.

Define course flow, dates, completion and also conduct tasks and activities as you have created the course plan. Flipped Learning gives more time in class for students to grasp the concepts, find solutions, practice and ask for clarifications. Such a LMS will prove beneficial for the purpose of OBE and also to Institute's aligned Goals and Vision

  • Follow Goals & Vision
  • Define Flow
  • Create Schedule for students
  • Track Student Progress

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I have spent 10 years in IT departments of higher education industry. I have not seen a system as comprehensive and as modern as Creatrix Campus. They can take areas live within weeks including training vs. taking months. Ali Mansoor
Gulf University

How Faculty's Role In NBA Accreditation Process Can Be Made Easier

  • 11 / 08 / 2018
  • Whitepaper

Is it possible for a software to help get your educational institution that esteemed accreditation that you are aiming for?


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