Accreditation Management Software

Cloud-based ERP accreditation management software can be tailored to each agency’s specific workflows for accreditation of educational institutions and programs,
and includes powerful tools such as notifications, reminders, and checklists to drive collaboration and efficiency.


    Modular development

    Setting up modules during the accreditation lifecycle is a breeze. Creatrix Campus makes it really straightforward and gives you a free hand to add modules with drag & drag simplicity.


    Accreditation Consulting (NBA/ABET/TEQSA/CPE/KHDA)

    We provide consulting services for NBA, NAAC and other accreditation agencies on accreditation and compliance requirements. We help colleges and higher education institutions implement SSR/SAR accreditation in developing outcome based education model, competency based education solution, etc.


    Seamless integration

    Easily integrate fully customizable and comprehensive accreditation information management system with your existing system.


    Effective outcomes assessment & reporting tools

    Online communication and collaboration tools to auto-assign and schedule tasks with institutions, and evaluators and manage visibility. Powerful and flexible reporting tools, customized dashboards and visualizations can capture, track and analyze data from different sources for real-time decision-making.


    Role-based access control for user accounts

    Highly secure, simple authorization and authentication method to filter data access to the constituents of course accreditation process including individuals, boards, agency and staff to perform the requested tasks.


    Profile Management

    Higher education accreditation management system with online tools to manage faculty and staff profiles to present professional information and teaching activities.


    Configure accreditation standards

    Configure the mission, vision and strategic directions of the institute for online accreditation. Configure policies, quality delivery standards and assessment protocols of the institute.


    Records Management

    Centrally store and access digital records of academic accreditation standards and self-study guide using the digital locker system to improve efficiency.


    Data migration

    Seamlessly migrate historical data on accreditation and annual report to accreditation information management system, and maintain institutional in a centralized or unit specific repository.

Accreditation management system
Outcome based Education

    Scoring Tools

    Evaluation and scoring framework with high reliability and validity to determine the accreditation status of courses and programs. Scoring tools to effectively measure whether the area is aligned to the accreditation standards. Scores are given against each indicator and totalled for each standard and identify areas that need improvement.


    Gap Analysis

    Useful gap analysis tools to track the progress in real time with each element of accreditation. Identify gaps in each element and compliance to standards to help prepare readiness to start the accreditation process.


    Reports Generator

    Assessment & accreditation management system with powerful reporting tools to create various types of SSR/SAR/AQAR/IQAC/AACSB reports of extraordinarily high quality with one click on admission, courses, curriculum, assessments, grades, and teaching practices that can attest to the consistent achievement of the institution. Easily generate reports without IT support and export your reports in the format you need.


    Create checklist, survey questionnaire & polls

    Create great looking self-assessment checklists, survey questionnaire, quizzes and polls in minutes with intuitive software tools on web and mobile for accreditation of programs, courses and institution.


    Meetings, Circulars & Events

    Using online calendar schedule accreditation committee meetings, circulars and events, invite and notify members using email, SMS alerts and push notifications from mobile devices.


    Analytical tools for progress tracking

    Accreditation tracking software with analytical tools including dashboards, customizable reports, and other dynamic tools to track progress in real time and drive improvement of outcomes.


    Accurate data collection

    Fast and high-accuracy data collection and data capture across the campus using our simplified templates to facilitate analysis of information and ensure that the entire institution is compliant with the accreditation standards.


    Curriculum mind mapping

    Curriculum Mind Mapping tools help academicians to link various curriculum elements including teaching methods, tasks, graduate attributes, competencies, assessments, syllabus, and lesson plan and explore the possibilities of learning outcome of students.


    Course/Faculty evaluation system

    Develop a comprehensive online evaluation system with faculty peer reviews and student surveys using question bank database. Create training and action plans and decisions for program/faculty improvement based on the feedback score.


    Support & Training

    Make a seamless transition process to Creatrix Campus platform with comprehensive support, on-boarding and training needed for all institutions for successful implementation.

competency based Education
Online Assessment system

    Online assessments

    Create online assignments, tests, and quizzes including single/ multiple choices, essay & short answer types. Create multiple assessment types based on sum, average, maximum and top marks. Configure multiple grading systems such as mark, letter and customized outcome parameters.


    Rubrics calculation

    Automated assessment tools using rubrics scoring criteria (in a rating scale of 1-4) to measure program outcomes attainment and student learning outcomes.


    Task Management

    Assign individual tasks to committees or a member. Track progress, view pending and completed tasks assigned to each member. Manage task related documents and evidences.


    Accreditation & Total quality management

    Configure PEOs and link with the mission and vision of the institution for continuous quality improvement. Online assessments and evaluation processes enable faculty and administrators to manage educational programs as per standards of the institution effectively and close the system loop and the process will continue year after year.



  • Public recognition of undergraduate and graduate degree programs
  • Correction of internal deficiencies and inefficiencies before they become problems
  • Promotes commitment to education quality & continuous improvement


  • Acquire professionally required knowledge and skills
  • Search for programs in the directory
  • Strengthens employment opportunities & marketability
  • Establishes academic eligibility for applicable professional certifications


  • Automated assessment tools reduces workload
  • Improves accountability & responsibility
  • Enhances performance & increases confidence
  • Career advancement
  • Peer recognition


  • Provide comprehensive accreditation review processes
  • Measure & monitor accreditation standards in real time
  • Searchable program directory
  • Measure the efficiencies of programs and courses
  • Streamline accreditation operations