Chatbot for Higher Education



    Messaging platform

    Creatrix Campus platform provides a lifelike, conversational chatbot for higher education to handle lot of tasks. AI chatbot for education understands any information given by user, record it in his database and recall it when used.


    Virtual Assistant

    With Creatrix virtual assistant for education, build college chatbots for new students to get answers and assistance on navigating the college transition process, and even helping in their program decision.


    Natural language Processing

    The natural language processing technology embedded in the higher education chatbot enables it to not only understand the words, but also the student intent.


    Task Management

    Chatbots allow students to get basic tasks done quickly and easily with a simple series of messages or commands. Students can apply for student aid, register for courses, apply for accommodation, all using a simple chat interface.


    Knowledge base

    Chatbots in education are provided with academic data and automated responses to user inputs. In each database outputs from educational bots are taken from the data recorded tin the field.


    Seamless, context-full escalation

    By providing timely and context-aware escalation to staff, it stops students from having to repeat their query, greatly reducing frustration and anxiety of students and staff.



    Chatbot technology makes learning more accessible to all. Human tutors walk students through their lessons at their own pace, on their devices, at their leisure to learn better and more thoroughly.


    Multilingual support

    Colleges are targeting prospective students by demographics, affinity, and a host of other criteria to increase enrolment. Multilingual chatbots are deployed to reach a wider audience and help institutions gain significant competitive advantage.



    Dynamic dashboards and intelligent analytics help educators to analyze every response of prospects received from the digital virtual assistant for education to increase student engagement and retention.





    Help colleges to recruit more students.


    Use virtual assistant for education to align with your brand.


    Expand your reach.


    Increase student enrolment.




    Interactive & personal way for students to get answers from the teaching assistant bot.


    Ability to tackle the toughest, most subjective topics.


    Make learning easier and better.


    Improve student service.




    Easy to embed in apps.


    Rules-based conversation management.


    Virtual tutoring assistant for colleges.


    Context-aware capabilities.


    Analytics for continuous quality improvement.