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Library Management for Colleges

A flexible and state-of-the-art college library management software can improve access and facilitate knowledge transfer via web, mobile and digital technologies.

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Catered to Everyone's needs


Creatrix Campus College Library Management Software is focused on providing best support students in their study and make them access information they need. That’s why it is important for colleges to help them succeed in their goals and reach their full potential.


Manage books and other materials with automation and streamline delivery of library services to students. Handle queries and support students to deliver better learning experience, improve staff efficiencies and save time, resources and costs.


Our cloud-based library information system can be easily deployed in your college to improve efficiency, save costs and deliver better learning experience.Enhance access to data, information and improve teaching and learning needs.

Key features that sets us apart


OPAC library management system allows you to easily search book author, title, accession number, publication, and language with capabilities to filter data based on various categories and generate priority ranking for member requests.Customizable and versatile library management system with all the modern communication and control system you would look for in college libraries.

Students, faculty and staff can register, create profiles and access their account information easily.Enable students and faculty to navigate the system easily. Users can search books, eBooks, magazines, E-Journals, eBooks, and electronic material by name, or tags with a single click.Maintain a digital library with a collection of ebooks, ejournals, visual material, audio material, video material which are stored in electronic media formats.

  •  OPAC
  •  Customizable
  •  Account management
  •  Automatic cataloguing of collections
  •  E-Library


Configure library circulation rules and manage resources such as books issued to students, transactions, membership, fine calculation of return items, etc.Harness the knowledge resources to discover, learn and interact using our simple yet powerful library automation software.

Members and users can view the books borrowed, place the books on hold, request or renew books, renew library membership, view overdue books return and fine/invoices. Enable librarian to recall books upon patron’s request and manage returned items.Library administrators can manage issues, returns and overdue items with real time tracking.

  •  Configure rules
  •  Streamline library collection
  •  Issues and Returns
  •  Circulation


Enable librarian to streamline the acquisition process efficiently with request for proposals, quotation comparison, purchase orders and invoicing.Enable libraries to automate the procurement process and acquire new materials such as books, periodicals and other equipment. Librarians can monitor budgets, reconcile invoices and approve payments to suppliers.

Librarian can add books, eBooks, audio, video, as well as manage subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, journals and more.Integration of RFID/Barcode enables college libraries to handle check-in and check-out items such as books, audio and video. Using RFID tags, it can identify, track and maintain inventory of materials. Generate student ID cards using barcode scanners.

  •  Streamline acquisitions
  •  Vendor Management
  •  Manage subscriptions
  •  RFID integration

Fee Collection

Configure different library fee type structures and collect payments. Efficiently track fee receipts for various periods.Configure fine rate and calculation for late return, items damaged, broken or lost items.Automatically generate receipts for online fee payments made by students.Generate fees and fine collection reports including pending and paid.

  •  Fee structure
  •  Fine collection
  •  Fee receipts
  •  Fee due reports

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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