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    Advanced Search


    Manage company sponsorship for events


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    Manage placements & internship programs


    Create placement plan with real-time status tracking


    Monitor & evaluate placements


    Configure eligibility criteria


    Allocate students for placement


    Configure letter & email templates


    Automatic notifications via email & alerts


    Collaborate with students & employers


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Campus Placement & Recruitment Solutions


    Placement automation system

    Using the fully automated solution to manage and track campus placement management process including student data, job postings, scheduling, reporting and notifications via web & mobile.


    Manage placement data

    Verify and manage all your captured data and reports related to students and employers which can be accessed by administrators with a single click in a safe and secure environment.


    Student profiles

    Store and maintain complete database of student profiles including demographic information, assignments, and placement schedules attended which can be viewed by recruiters.


    Resume Registration

    Students can submit their resumes using online registration templates which can be accessed by the employer via web and mobile devices and shortlist candidates for interview and selection after detailed review and assessments.


    Centralized resume repository

    Administrators can upload and manage all the resumes collected from the students, where bulk profiles can be uploaded with the option to search, filter and update the student profiles for placements.


    Advanced Search

    Recruiters can search for the best resume collections and students can find the best job openings from industries using advanced search and seize the opportunity to apply via iPhone & Android devices.


    Real-time job status tracking

    Track the job application process at each and every stage of placement, and students can track the allotment status in real time and get job offers during campus placement.


    Review & Assessment

    Review and assess all the applications of students, where the automated placement process enables recruiters to analyze the powerful dashboard reports for easy decision-making.



    Stay up to date with the automated notifications, alerts and reminders related to placements sent to the recruiters and students via email, SMS and push messages via iPhone and Android devices.





    Accelerate placement operations for fresher jobs.


    Better visibility among recruiters.


    Improve student placement & retention.


    Easy integration & cost-effective.


    Attract more number of companies.


    Generate reports for accreditation.


    Achieve the best placement records.


    Increase student admissions.




    Streamline placement tasks & save time.


    Choose fresh students of your choice.


    Manage high volume of job profiles.


    Easy to use job posting system.


    Speedy assessment of aptitude tests.


    Shortlist talented students.


    Improve efficiency with skilled workforce.




    Best possible career opportunities.


    Search for jobs that match their interests.


    Increase resume visibility.


    Identify companies that match their expectations.


    Apply for multiple jobs.


    Improve skills and develop confidence.


    Enhance global employability.