Outcome Based Education Software

Creatrix Campus offers learner-centered, results-oriented outcome based education software to enhance achievement of learning outcomes and employability.


    Student Success Management

    Technology-based, learner-centered result-oriented outcome based learning enhances learning and performance abilities of students before they leave the institution. Enable higher education institutions to maximize learning outcomes of students.


    Outcome Based Education & Accreditation

    Prepare the institutional programs to meet the quality standards for award of accreditation including NBA, ABET, TEQSA, CPE, KHDA and others. Easy mapping of assessment and evaluation for achievement of learning outcomes including students' skills and competencies. Continuous quality improvement tools to support high quality education.


    Personalized Dashboard

    Powerful reporting tools and data visualization to create various types of personalized dashboards and reports of extraordinarily high quality on admission, courses, curriculum, assessments, etc. that can attest to the consistent achievement of the institution.


    Continuous quality improvement tools

    Configure PEOs and link with the mission and vision of the institution. Online assessments and evaluation processes enable faculty and administrators to manage educational programs as per standards of the institution effectively and close the system loop and the process will continue year after year.


    Learning outcomes with multi-level capabilities

    Mapping of data attributes of vision, mission, goals, program objectives, course objectives, instructional objectives, standards, knowledge, skills, competencies, attitude and values, teaching and units objectives, teaching activities and methods, learning activities and methods and associated learning outcomes.


    Curriculum mapping

    Curriculum mapping tools help academicians to identify the redundant curriculum units that has been covered during various teaching events across the programs in the institution. Automated mapping tools identities gaps and redundancies in the curriculum. Using outcome based curriculum design easily align various data elements like skills, competencies, topics, learning activities, teaching resources and materials and tasks to the curriculum.


    Mind Map View

    Mind mapping tools as a means for curriculum mapping of all data elements holistically. Build a Curriculum Mind Mapping View with built-in templates and wizards to generate, visualize and structure the program. Mind mapping improves faculty planning, innovate teaching methods, prepare assessments and lesson delivery without hassle or wasting time for desired student learning outcomes..Curriculum Mapping tools enhances student’s communication & collaboration skills, deepen understanding and develop graduate attributes.


    Collaborative teaching using built-in multimedia

    Great set of collaborative tools for instructors to enable outcome based teaching and deliver interactive experiences through eBooks, presentations, instructional course materials, videos, documentaries, podcasts, maps and promote 21st century skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity.

curriculum mind mapping
Accreditation management system

    Syllabus, unit & lesson plan

    Create online course materials, syllabus, unit, and an OBE lesson plan with accessibility built in for all types of learning needs of students. Link syllabus and lesson plan with the learning outcomes of each teaching activity to support coherence and cohesion in student learning.


    Customizable rubric outcomes

    Ensure grading consistency across instructional team with effective rubric in a way that enhances the pedagogical goals of the institution. Automated tools using rubrics scoring criteria (in a rating scale of 1-4) to measure program outcomes attainment and student learning outcomes.


    Online assignments & assessments with marking workflow

    Enable faculty to design and create online assignments, tests, examinations, quizzes, puzzles including single/ multiple choices, essay & short answer types which may be automatically marked and feedback and/or to correct answers shown.



    Create auto-grading of every assessment. Allow faculties to create multiple grading systems such as mark, letter and customized outcome parameters along with comments.


    Surveys & Questionnaire

    Create great looking outcome based evaluation, self-assessment checklists, and survey questionnaire from students to help improve courses. Evaluate faculty with peer assessment to help training and action plans and take decisions for program/faculty improvement based on the feedback score.


    Chat & Discussion forum

    Enable students in collaborative groups or teams to engage in asynchronous discussions and also collaborate with instructors. Students can upload text or graphical objects and which can then be shared online with other students.

Outcome based education



  • Simple, cost-effective and efficient OBE system
  • Improve learning outcomes & maximize student potential
  • Easily compare OBE across institutions
  • Improve compliance
  • Prepare students for career advancement


  • Easily demonstrate student's knowledge & competencies.
  • Improve student's learning experience.
  • Development of real-world skills and competencies.
  • Increase student involvement in the classroom.
  • Enhance student’s problem solving skills


  • Support innovative methods of pedagogy.
  • Outcomes-based assessment tools make scoring easier & faster.
  • Improve teaching performance and grow professionally.
  • Real-time student's progress tracking.
  • Well-defined learning outcomes.

IT Admin

  • Tools and methods to achieve constructive alignment and assessment of outcomes
  • Automated mapping of complex relationships
  • Flexible scheduling based on the individual learner
  • Reporting tools to easily measure achievement of student's learning outcomes