Curriculum Management Software

Outcome-based curriculum management software for higher education is focused on mapping the skills and attributes of students, facilitate pedagogy, demonstrate learning through online tests and quizzes, and improve student learning outcomes.


    Advanced security

    Centrally store curriculum units and resources in one place with flexible role-based security enable users to access data with minimal effort from anywhere, anytime.


    Custom curriculum design

    Creatrix Campus cloud ERP platform allow educators to create, review or revise various aspects of curriculum. Curriculum mapping system promotes collaboration among instructors across programs and courses in different departments of the institution.



    Online discussion forum allows faculty to engage about units, lessons or about any other topic initiated by administrators, staff, students or parents.


    Reporting & Analytics

    Robust and easy-to-view reporting of searches for key terms by users, curriculum content, graduate skills and competencies, program and course outcomes in curriculum, assessment methods and instructional goals.


    Map SLOs with competencies

    With curriculum mapping solution define a set of core competencies, mission and vision for students to align with an accurate curriculum, and help students achieve the program level learning outcomes.


    Syllabus Resources

    Create and store syllabus and course content, including study materials, videos and other downloadable resources to make it easy for students to align with the grade level expectations.


    Unit & Lesson plan builder

    Generate and share online units and lesson plans to increase teaching effectiveness in curriculum design and delivery. Keep the administrators updated.


    Teaching & Assessment methods

    Using assessment management software create online instructional and assessment methods including lectures, discussions, tests, assignments, games, quizzes and more for various groups as powerful tools to measure student’s progress, then review curriculum for improvements and improve learning. Generate a concept map to incorporate teaching methods and task allocation for courses to help students improve learning achievement.

curriculum management system
Curriculum management system

    Curriculum Management System

    Create an outcome-based curriculum management system for faculty, staff and students with collaborative and secure rule-based system tools, dynamic workflows, resources, reporting and analytics, notifications and reminders, and capabilities to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.


    Curriculum Builder

    Curriculum building software allows you to generate lesson plan, units, syllabus and topics, mapping them to compliance and standards, and generate graphical curriculum maps. Automated curriculum mapping system enable institutions to create and manage result-oriented, learner-centered and faculty-friendly curriculum focused on identifying gaps and redundancies in the program. Curriculum mapping information can be identified to develop graduate attributes in each year across various programs in the university. The same process can be applied to target data elements such as essential questions, skills required, competencies, topics to be discussed, learning activities, teaching resources and materials and tasks.


    Curriculum Mind Mapping

    Create a graphical mind map of the key topics for curriculum coverage across various grades using the online curriculum development & education delivery model. Link concepts and ideas associated with the central topic with colors and images to support decision-making. Create multiple curriculum mapping of all data elements with an integrated Curriculum Mind Mapping View. CMMV provides a clear and comprehensive mind map of the program and faculty or teacher to support innovative teaching. Curriculum mind mapping provides analytical tools to ensure collaborative learning and communication, develop deep conceptual understanding, reflective practice, and generic graduate attributes.


    Student Success Planner

    Simple and easy to use task manager in the curriculum development software help institutions to plan, manage and track student’s project-based collaborative learning activities including tasks, schedules and assignments to enhance student success.


    Faculty Course evaluations & Student surveys

    Faculty evaluation system helps institutions to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning through in-class observations, course load and other teaching-related activities by faculty peers. Student feedback of their learning outcomes, instructional quality and course activities through online survey questionnaire will support effective faculty based on evaluation scores and faculty who are not effective by creating training and improvement action plan.


    Question Bank to link learning outcomes

    Efficient and accurate way of aligning learning outcomes in the course by creating and using question bank assignments and quizzes. Online survey questionnaire tools help institutions to measure student progress in real-time.


    Measure Program & Course outcomes with graph

    Efficiently integrate online assessment and visual analytic tools into the student work and graphically links the delivery of program level and course level learning outcomes of students. The evidence-based approach allows faculty to measure the quality of student’s learning experience across programs and courses for collaborative curriculum decision-making.



IT Staff

  • Configure curriculum types, review cycles & adoption processes and share with constituents.
  • Support custom curriculum & unit templates.
  • Customizable dashboards & reports.
  • Automatic notifications & reminders via Email/SMS alerts.


  • Focused learning.
  • Promote critical thinking.
  • Effective conceptual understanding.
  • Easily build mindmaps for each lesson.
  • Improve achievement.


  • Enhance learning.
  • Connect with educators worldwide.
  • Quick access to curriculum content.
  • Compare & analyze different curriculums.
  • Targeted learning outcomes with reporting.


  • Collaborative learning.
  • Improve student learning through discussions, comments.
  • Real-time tracking of student activities.
  • Efficient curriculum mapping with learning outcomes.
  • Improved visibility to graduate attributes.