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Curriculum Management Software

Outcome based curriculum planning, designing, and execution.

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Students can look at the standards they’re expected to learn and master, see class activities and retrieve the resources they’ll need to complete their work.


Easily create, manage, maintain courses,measure learning outcomes and demonstrate student's competencies.


Identify curriculum gaps and redundancies to improve learning. Generate reports with targeted learning outcomes.

Key features that sets us apart

Planning of curriculum for higher education

Curriculum team will begin by assigning roles, set guidelines, input maximum credits, units, and check if it is in par with industrial standards verification.

Curriculum team can send out curriculum plan to approval team. Cloud ERP platform allow educators to create, review or revise various aspects of curriculum for achievement of student’s learning outcomes. Align knowledge, skills, tools or content through various assessment patterns including unit tests, midterm test, model test, assignments, grading and more with learning outcomes to demonstrate their performance.

  • Task management
  • Assign roles based on hierarchy
  • Automated notifications sent to team members
  • Setting up workflow

Designing and mapping of curriculum to various outcomes

Create online instructional and assessment methods including lectures, discussions, tests, assignments, games, quizzes and more for various groups as powerful tools to measure student’s progress. Evaluate student’s learning and academic performance using rubric tools. Configure the criteria that must be present in the student’s work in assessments. Rubric tools make the task easier and productive to automatically calculate grades for different assessment types.

Creatrix Campus provides a robust, efficient and easy-to-use application that has been configured for academic catalog which gives educators and students to access various courses and instructional material in colleges and universities.

  • Design assessments and rubrics
  • Curriculum approval process
  • Course approval process
  • Course catalog generation

Curriculum Mapping and Review of syllabus

Seamless workflow to monitor and expedite proposals for new/revised courses initiated by the course/curriculum committee for review and approval to meet deadlines with real-time status updates on courses in the catalog. Send automatic email notifications to enable staff take appropriate action for approval.

Curriculum Mapping System can also apply Bloom’s Taxonomy to help ensure learning outcomes are observed and measured. Students are given opportunities to practice and demonstrate their competencies. Gather evidence by mapping of assessments for attainment of learning objectives.

  • Curriculum mapping tool
  • Curriculum mind mapping
  • Apply Bloom’s Taxonomy for learning outcomes
  • Graduate attribute mapping

Continuous quality improvement tools in curriculum management

Create and store syllabus and course content, including study materials, videos and other downloadable resources with flexible role-based security enable users to access data with minimal effort from anywhere, anytime and makes it easy for students to align with the grade level expectations.

Curriculum version control systems are a group of tools that help institutions to accomplish changes in the curriculum and course structure

  • Curriculum version control
  • Curriculum revision
  • Simplified analysis and reports
  • Curriculum mapping reports

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Creatrix Campus has great modules for registration, CBE, course management, schedules and analytics. They support is excellent and timely. Prof. Rafael Brisita
Vice President, SWC, St. Phlilp's College


  • 13 / 09 / 2018
  • Whitepaper

Technology-enabled assessments help students plan and achieve lifelong career success. Using assessment management…


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