Examination Management Software System

Our examination management software system automates the exam process to help in timely decisions and improve communication with students and institution.


    Cloud Based Exam Management System

    Industry-leading cloud based examination management software with reporting & analytics capabilities, so you can enjoy high level of data backup and secure access to question papers.


    Question Bank Management System

    Choose a variety of question paper types and upload questions with attachments and comments, and marks/grades sheets. Import questions from a wide range of formats into exam software.


    Student Result Management System

    Streamline the exam processes with collaborative tools to track evaluation, compare grades and generate dynamic reports and intelligent data analytics.


    On-Screen Evaluation System

    On-screen evaluation and assessment is fast, easy, accurate and highly secure. Evaluators can access the digitized answer booklets on the central server and evaluate the papers with ease.



    Create Question Bank database

    Create customized question papers for subjects with role-based security that enables authorized users to access the system. Configure exam rules with minimum & maximum scores.


    Generate Attendance List

    Generate candidates linked to the student’s database with the ability to add or remove candidates to/from examinations.


    Generate Report Cards

    Automatically generate marks or grades based on subjects, students, class, and year and create a report card or transcript which enables students and parents to access from anywhere.


      Configure Examination Criteria

      Create various examination types such as tests, exams, quizzes with online quiz system for specific student groups and configure rules for exams and grades for the course.


      Allocate Invigilators

      Assign invigilators for the exams and get reports on student’s attendance data and incidents of student’s misconduct during exams.


      Reporting & Analysis

      Generate customized reports with statistics and charts on exam results showing automatically assigned ranks. Get powerful data-driven insights on the academic performance.


        Manage Scheduling

        Create an examination schedule for subjects that minimize conflicts in exam placements for all students. Schedule different types of exams based on marks or grades.


        Grades/Marks Entry

        Automatically calculate marks for different examination types. Enter grades based on GPA, CCE, and CWA evaluation methods.


        Notifications & Alerts

        Notify students and parents via email and SMS alerts on exam schedules. Check the rank holders and top students for each class, section or the institution.



        Efficient Exam Management


        Automated examination processes at every stage with online examination management system in cloud environment.


        Save time and reduce staff workload.


        Reduce duplicate entries and make it error-free


        Track student’s progress and improve learning outcomes


        Secrecy & Transparency


        Simplify exam processes to make it easy and transparent


        Ensure strict confidentiality from question paper setting to distribution to students


        Secure and tamper-proof system eliminates leakages and upholds sanctity


        Examination software improves credibility and reputation of the institution


        Cost Saving


        Eliminate manual forms and paper-based processes


        Avoid transportation costs on question paper distribution to exam centers


        Reduce administrative effort in shifting materials across locations


        Reduce printing and stationery costs of question papers for exam subjects