Competency based Education Solution

Flexible, user-friendly and affordable competency based education solution for higher education which allows students to improve demonstrated skills and competencies at their own pace


    Competency based personalized learning

    Deliver exceptional competencies with the most proficient competency based education solutions in higher education to achieve greater efficiency and increase productivity.


    Better student engagement

    Take advantage of learning opportunities beyond the campus, and help identify opportunities to target interventions to meet the specific learning needs of students.


    Multiple pathways to graduation

    Create multiple pathways to graduation through efficient use of technology-enabled competency based education and curriculum, support new staffing patterns that utilize faculty skills and interests differently


    Lifelong learning

    Create flexibility, allows students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of academic content, regardless of time, place, or pace of learning.


    Complete support for competency-based education for higher education programs

    • Comprehensive support for competency based college education programs in medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and social work.
    • Connect the entire education network to a centralized database and easily flow secured data across faculty, students and courses.
    • Empower staff and cut costs by reducing time spent on routine tasks with real-time information sharing.
    • Presentation of innovative teaching methods with multimedia content such as video and audio lectures, podcasts, and slides.
    • Preparation of competency-based assessment materials such as tests, assignments, quizzes, surveys and puzzles.
    • Seamless integration with student information system to address increasing challenges in admission, enrolment, registration, invoicing and billing, grades and transcripts.
competency based Education
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    Personalized learning path to completion

    • Map multiple elements including teaching methods, assignments, assessments, and grades with skills and competencies with real time progress tracking.
    • Configure and customize student’s proficiency levels with built-in automation tools.
    • Automatically assess the need for remediation or advancement based on demonstrated proficiencies.
    • Multiple grading systems such as mark, letter and customized competency-based parameters.
    • Customize curriculum structure to demonstrate learning in clearly defined competencies with a framework to identify academic rigor to students and faculty and promote student success.

    Self-paced learning for serendipitous student experience

    • Demonstrated mastery of academic content that help students, regardless of time, place, or pace of learning.
    • Automated course scheduling and planning tools for student groups to help self-paced learning.
    • Self-paced learning competencies improves compliance to higher education standards.

    Collaboration & personalization tools for learning excellence

    • Collaborate with faculty using discussion forum to get insight into immediate understanding.
    • Enhance critical thinking and problem solving capabilities in a flexible environment.
    • Interact freely with peers and benefit from past learner-faculty interactions on the Answer Forum, a social knowledge base.

    Reports & dashboards for better decision making

    • Affordable, easy-to-use and customize to meet the needs of large number of students.
    • Generate competency-wise & student-wise reports, course competency reports and competency breakdown reports.
    • View tracking time spent by students and instructors on each activity.
    • Built-in reports and analytics to improve learning outcomes.
    • Digital feedback loop to track student progress in real time at the pre-defined program & course outcome levels.
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  • Personalized learning opportunities.
  • Customized and interactive academic experience.
  • Personalized course schedules.
  • Get credits based on demonstrated competencies.
  • Faster student advancement proves student competence.


  • Competency-based education software provides a scalable, cost-effective way to meet the needs of students.
  • Higher level of student support.
  • Shorter times to graduation.
  • Driven by problem solving approach rather than time spent in the classroom.


  • Choose a variety of instructional modes.
  • Real time tracking of student’s progress.
  • Continuous feedback improves student performance.
  • Better collaboration with students.


  • Automated mapping of assessments to competencies.
  • Real-time tracking of all activities of students & faculties.
  • Seamless integration with learning tools and information systems.
  • Flexibility to select various credit models.