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Staff Management Software

Creatrix Campus provides a complete staff management solution to increase efficiency and performance by helping education institutions seamlessly automate and streamline processes.

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Catered to Everyone's needs

Faculty / Staff

Increase accuracy in work, minimize repetition of activities, and reduce paper work. Dynamic generation of tasks with automatic notifications and alerts via email and messaging provides better productivity and work plan.

IT Admin

Maintain data easily and export staff data in multiple formats. Ensure accuracy in payroll calculation and reduce times in preparing worksheet.


Increase productivity, reduce time to maintain and track records and increased accuracy in organizing the data. Track and analyze best performing staff throughout the academic session as an individual/group.

Key features that sets us apart

Staff data

Create academic and personal data of staff including qualification, skills, training, leave, schedule, attendance, contact and other details with the ability to add custom fields to track information in real-time.Easily design and create faculty and staff photo ID cards using emerging technologies including RFID, smart card, Barcode and biometric system.Access important information regarding insurance plans, financial benefits and options, banking and tax details, leave and holidays, as well as a knowledge base of informative documents.

  •  Lifecycle Records
  •  Generate Staff ID Cards
  •  Self Service


Standardize the employee onboarding process and facilitate the workflows for posting job information, uploading resumes, conduct online tests, schedule interviews, evaluate, select and send offer letters.Configure selection criteria for faculty and staff recruitment. Post vacancies on the institute website which enables applicants to apply for jobs through portal and mobile devices such as iPhone and Android.Create customizable review cycles, feedback forms and rating scale for performance evaluation. Dashboards with role-based access enable users to assess performance using performance graph with ratings.

  •  Job Posting
  •  Faculty Recruitment
  •  Performance Management

Attendance and Leave

Optimize work allocation to faculty and staff based on job type or for a specific occupation and present time schedules of each staff member without conflicts. Customize teaching periods and assign classes to specific staff.Manage and track attendance records of teachers and employees based on classes, periods, and sessions on daily or monthly basis. View full attendance details including absences, leave history, holidays, and attendance percentage via mobile devices.

Configure leave types, policy and rules aligned to faculty and employee needs. Leave requests of staff can be accessed, reviewed and approved by supervisor in real-time. Create alerts and notifications for acceptance and rejection of leaves.

  •  Workforce Scheduling
  •  Attendance Management
  •  Leave Management

Payroll and Benefits

Manage payroll processes of faculty members and staff. Automatically calculate payments including salaries, overtime, and sick pay for different periods. Sync staff data with payroll records in real-time.Create a list of benefit plan including healthcare, contributions to provident fund, pension, food coupons with automated workflows and provider information. Enable staff to enroll in benefits through the staff management software minimizes errors and extraneous work.

Generate flexible and reliable reports to manage faculty and staff effectively. Create payroll report, employee list, department list reports, and you can add any type of report based on your needs.Customize reports with statistics and charts to support decision-making and map individual objectives to institution priorities.

  •  Payroll Management
  •  Benefits Administration
  •  Reports


Notify thousands of your staff with real-time updates via email, messaging and SMS alerts on news, events, announcements, attendance, evaluations, holidays, and emergencies. Select any faculty, staff and contacts for recipients.Communicating with others and getting their views is an important aspect of new age education. Students can post their doubts whenever they get them and other students or teachers can post solutions on the wall.

Schedule exams, timetable, holidays, programs and meetings and assign faculty and support staff for events. Enable faculty to schedule events for class and parent meetings. Send mass notifications and reminders via email, messages and push notifications.Create institute directories with pictures of students, faculty and staff along with their information.

Communicate, collaborate and engage with your Alumni through e- newsletters, discussion forum, Image gallery, and social media.Get important staff data on your favorite mobile device. Easily search through all your staff to quickly call, SMS or email on meetings. Enter a new staff and attach a photo taken from iPhone or Android. See when a staff is absent and get accurate timesheet reports.

  •  Notifications and Messaging
  •  Activity Wall
  •  Events Scheduling
  •  Directory
  •  Newsletter and Mailing List
  •  Mobile Apps

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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