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Course Evaluation Software

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Seamless access to course evaluations forms on web and mobile devices and send quick feedback.

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Greater flexibility to customize course evaluations, designed specifically to match the institute’s brand.


Increase student participation and response rates, and get valuable insights on courses to create action plan.

Key features that sets us apart

Evaluation workflow

Evaluation workflow the course evaluation process to analyze and interpret the quality of learning and teaching practice, and analyze the interactions between students and instructors.Online student survey software provides role-based security which allows authorized users to access online course evaluation forms and send data, while assuring confidentiality.

Our cloud and mobile-based student course evaluation software provides scalability, flexibility and customization at the lowest cost of ownership for institutions of any type, size and course types.

  • Streamline course evaluation process
  • Role based authorized evaluations
  • Customizable & Flexible


Schedule course evaluations and provide students instant access to evaluations. View real-time student responses for all courses. Easily identify strategies to help increase course evaluation completion rates.Use the course evaluation system to select the group of courses and subjects in the department for individual student evaluation responses. Generate reports and view details of student responses on each course.

Before seeking students' evaluation of courses, use course evaluation tools to send requests to various academic units for obtaining their approval with email and reminder emails. Track course evaluation approval status in real time.Assign various types of rating scale and multiple-choice questions to meet different evaluation formats.The course evaluation software supports multiple languages and translations to reach any audience.

  • Schedule
  • Course Evaluation forms
  • Approve
  • Evaluation scale
  • Multilingual forms


Our student course evaluation forms and surveys from students provide the highest reliability, accuracy and validity for data-driven decisions. Design custom forms with built-in survey templates to capture student evaluations with different start/end dates and duration and act on the results.Create evaluation templates to conduct course evaluations for the department based on evaluation forms provided. Personalized reminders to students until completion of evaluation or the evaluation closes.

Create a variety of course evaluation survey templates for student’s access to analyze and review the pedagogical needs and demands for programmatic decision-making.Using online course evaluation system analyze data within the system or enable automatic import/export of data in various formats to sync seamlessly course, student & instructor data.

  • Evaluation forms
  • Evaluation templates
  • Evaluation question bank
  • Reminders
  • Conduct surveys
  • Import/Export data

Analyze & Improve

View numerical results of student responses and use mean to interpret numbers in a meaningful way of distribution of responses. Generally, higher the mean score, the better the evaluation. A larger standard deviation for a question greater than 1 indicates relatively high differences of opinion in student responses.Easy to set up, customize and integrate with third party applications to deliver seamless course evaluation experience.

Automated survey tools allows you to generate tasks from student survey results to improve achievement of learning outcomes.Use student surveys for course quality improvement, pedagogical innovation and encourage faculty to improve teaching performance.

  • Analyze survey results
  • Dashboard
  • Mean & Standard deviation
  • Integration
  • Automated task creation

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