Alumni Management Software



    Alumni Registration

    Alumni and faculty can sign up for registration with the instittute. Administrator can approve registration and allow alumni to interact and associate with their institution for years to come.


    Alumni Profiles

    Registered alumni can create and update profiles to display information including biographical data with photos, personal information, email address and contact details.


    Alumni & Faculty directory

    Build a strong and interactive alumni community by creating a directory of member students, faculty and staff with the options for customizable search and preferences.


    Member Management

    Our alumni member management software allows the institute to create membership registration and renewal with the options to set pricing and period.


    Upload Documents & Photos

    Easily upload documents and pictures including certificates, study materials, offer letters and photo album which allows classmates to view and share in alumni circles.


    Alumni Forum/Message Board

    Communicate with all the fellow students and staffs, discuss topics related to the community, events, current affairs, and campaigns on forums and message boards with email alerts.



    Create and distribute e-newsletters and magazines to Alumni and keep them up-to-date on all the activities to build strong relationship and engage alumni with the alma mater.


    Event Management

    Using the cloud alumni registration software create and manage events for alumni groups including conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, or educational fares to promote alumni relations.


    Collect Donations

    Students, faculty and researchers can make donation by various payment options like cash, checks, credit card payments, etc. to the institute and create opportunities to support students.



    Grow alumni community


    Build a strong and effective student community & grow the alumni network.


    Improve engagement & collaboration.


    Enhance student performance & success rate.


    Create alumni management portal and build lifelong relationship.


    Improve alumni retention


    Enhance interactions and share experiences with alumni members for long-term retention.


    Retain your alumni and generate more funds through donations.


    Boost student career & boost employability.


    Accurate & updated data


    Keep all your alumni records updated and inform about all the events and activities related to the institution.


    Search student profiles and compile alumni experiences.


    Build alumni directory & receive job offers.