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Faculty Management

On Cloud and Mobile, uniquely designed for higher education

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Customize teaching schedules and optimize class assignments to optimize faculty workload for courses and improve performance.

IT Admin

Capture faculty information including academic & professional data, scheduling, workload and reminders.


View faculty workload and faculty performance & mentor performance and Research & Development activities



Key features that sets us apart

Workload Management

Identify suitable faculty based on qualification and skills to optimally assign faculty based on course requirements.Using faculty evaluation system capture faculty feedback across departments and courses. Analyze performance through real-time reports to track faculty service on committees, research innovations and mentoring and advising students.

Assign student applications to the faculty based on the workload and also provide an access to route applications to other faculty members.

  • Workload Management
  • Performance Tracking
  • Faculty profile information
  • Upload files/documents

Faculty Development Program for Higher education

High quality cloud-based faculty information management system for higher education institutions to seamlessly communicate and collaborate between students, faculty, staff and parents. Streamline faculty recruitment process from online application submission and interview scheduling to appointment and retention throughout the faculty lifecycle.

Improve faculty by enhancing their profiles on the system including Research and Development activities, teaching as well as learning activities, participation across events and conferences etc. Send email notifications and SMS alerts to other faculty and students.

  • Track R&D activities
  • Innovations in Teaching and Learning Process
  • Sponsored Research Activities
  • Tracking Conferences and Workshops attended

Student Advising for Higher Education

Advisors can guide students on their on-going activities and help them achieve success.

Create and customize classroom courses, assignments, tests, quizzes and other resources in the most effective way to make it accessible to students to improve learning interaction and outcomes.Provides a robust, efficient and easy-to-use application that has been configured for academic catalog which gives faculties to access various courses and instructional material.

  • Send mails and notifications
  • Create alerts
  • Track student progress
  • Send reports and evaluate assignments

Dashboard for Faculty Management

Enhance faculty’s online and mobile experience with customization and personalization tools via push notifications, chat, messaging to build next-generation workforce.Creatrix Campus provides a highly secure and role-based authentication system and enables institutions to seamlessly integrate faculty management system with existing systems and portal.

View faculty attendance and absence information. Track leave applications and approval routing based on leave rules configured. Manage attendance accurately with RFID and Biometrics integration.Manage research projects to augment new courses and education programs and track their progress on a regular basis. Create budgetary allocation for research and define criteria for grants.

  • Attendance and Leave
  • Track Research Projects
  • Reminders & Alerts
  • Custom Mobile App

Know More and Connect

Creatrix Campus has great modules for registration, CBE, course management, schedules and analytics. They support is excellent and timely. Prof. Rafael Brisita
Vice President, SWC, St. Phlilp's College

Faculty Management Solution!

  • 13 / 09 / 2018
  • Data Sheet

A system designed to track Faculty Life-Cycle in Educational Institutes.


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