Faculty Management Software



    Faculty Recruitment & Retention

    Streamline faculty recruitment process from online application submission and interview scheduling to appointment and retention throughout the faculty lifecycle.


    Faculty Profiling

    Create profiles including personal information with photographs, qualification, skill sets, experience, salary, extra-curricular activities and contact details.


    Academic Scheduling

    View the academic schedule of faculty on calendar and plan for the academic year, and schedule lectures, exams, meetings, news, events, holidays and notices.


    Track Research Projects

    Manage research projects to augment new courses and education programs and track their progress on a regular basis. Create budgetary allocation for research and define criteria for grants.


    Attendance & Leave

    View faculty attendance and absence information. Track leave applications and approval routing based on leave rules configured. Manage attendance accurately with RFID and Biometrics integration.


    Performance Tracking

    Using faculty evaluation system capture faculty feedback across departments and courses. Analyze performance through real-time reports to track faculty service on committees, research innovations and mentoring and advising students.


    Student Admissions

    Track student applications to courses based on eligibility criteria with the ability to automatically approve or reject candidates and routing applications.


    Course Management

    View course types with the option to create new courses, delete, split, withdraw or modify existing courses and programs. Initiate course proposals and assign to preparers for approval routing.


    Workload Management

    Faculty workload management system allows you to identify suitable faculty based on qualification and skills to optimally assign faculty based on course requirements.


    Upload Files/Documents

    Enable faculty members to upload student assignments, course material, grades, question papers, syllabus and bibliographic data containing faculty presentations, publications and grants.


    Track Library Resources

    Search library catalog for library books, journals, magazines, digital media and new arrivals. View issues, returns and reservations. Place books on hold, request or renew books/membership.



    Search the citations of faculty members and generate a variety of custom reports. With faculty activity reporting software access all the information about faculty activities.



    Comprehensive faculty data


    Secure application across cloud, web and mobile platforms.


    Eliminate data redundancy.


    Cost effective.


    Outcome-driven faculty performance tracking system.


    Track faculty progress


    Overview of the faculty activities on a single click using faculty tracking software.


    Track missed lectures.


    Automatically generate reports to improve efficiency.


    Real-time communication


    Connect with academic community.


    Effective faculty scheduling & resource allocation.


    Automatic email, push, and alerts.


    Send instant reminders & alerts to students and parents.