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January 2017

Education Software

Top 6 factors to consider when choosing your education software


Are you looking for a new education software for your school or college? A software is something which simplifies tasks and makes it easier to run schools and higher education institutions, but too often it is a source of frustration and expense. The proper online education system will help institutes to manage education process, track students, notify stakeholders in real-time, analyze dashboard reports, make informed decisions and improve efficiencies.


July 2016

Protect sensitive student data

Top five ways colleges can mitigate risks and protect sensitive student data


The number of colleges using education software is increasing every year and is not about to slow down. The database of educational institutions are vulnerable to cybercrime and other attacks. Colleges, universities and higher education institutions are holding all kinds of data – be it student, faculty, academic, financial and other administrative process related. In the digital age, cloud-based student information system is the new source of value for institutions.


April 2015


Top 5 data risks that affect school information management systems


Technology is such a big part of academic processes today and it’s hard to imagine to live without them. But it has a downside. Schools and higher education have been a favorite target for identity theft and frauds. If proper precautions are not taken, records in educational institutions are vulnerable to security breaches.  


January 2015

Data Security

Top 10 questions to ask before buying an education software

Charlie Robinson

Bersin by Deloitte has predicted that the spending will grow a massive 21% this year taking the budget to $2.5 Billion, and over the last two years the LMS budget has grown 52%. So, the education software or LMS or school/college ERP has become a strong market and to choose the right software is always a tricky prospect.


September 2014

Education Solutions

Managing a wealth of data with Creatrix Campus Education Solutions


Educational institutions need to thrive in a challenging environment and evolve quickly to cope with the demands of students, faculty, management and parents.  Every day schools, colleges and universities spend millions of dollars in manual processes like enrollment, admission, attendance, report card, etc.

Cloud, Website & Mobile solutions