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April 2018

features needed in LMS

The 15 definitive features you need to have in a Learning Management System (LMS) for your Higher Ed. College

Abhishek Das

“An LMS is a web-based software application that enables organisations to create online reading material, administer courses, document and track learning, assess learning and provide training for the said courses and reporting. Through an LMS; higher education institutions and corporations alike, aim to enhance learning and identifying training gaps”.


April 2017


Accelerating digital transformation of assessments in higher education through On Screen Evaluation System


Examinations are conducted in Online (Quiz / Survey) format and Regular format. Irrespective of the type of assessment conducted, the onscreen evaluation process will greatly improve the overall assessment process. Evaluating the answer scripts with a team of evaluators is a tedious process, which needs a lot of planning and time. Faculties of colleges and universities can now evaluate answer sheets and assign marks or grades online. Evaluators can cross-check the quality of the answer papers with an uploaded answer key.


March 2017

Exam Management System

Easy way to build online assessments, tests and quizzes for faculty with Creatrix Campus

Hansa Sivakumar

Exams are fast approaching and prepping for them starts early in many institutions as it involves a lot of tedious manual processing. A lot of faculty workload is increased in examination activities by way of registering students, allocation of classrooms, setting and storing the question paper and more. This is where an automated Exam Software from Creatrix Campus help higher education institutions to simplify, streamline and enhance faculty’s life.


August 2016


How to use digital assessment tools for transformational outcome-based education


Cloud-based course assessments fundamentally replaces the archaic system of paper-based assessments. It supports outcome-based learning, which maps the graduate attributes with the learning standards. Cloud-based higher education ERP software has numerous academic features such as curriculum mind mapping, scheduling, lesson planning, assessments, grading, and more.


March 2016

Assessment management system

Online assessment management system enhances student learning outcomes


Many academic institutions are increasingly feeling the need for revamping the assessment pattern. A flexible assessment data management system enables institutions to manage data related to coursework, quizzes, tests, examinations, and generate reports to evaluate student performance.  The system is built around academic goals to improve the student learning and outcomes, and help education institutions to take informed decisions. The education assessment platform works on multiple platforms – cloud, web and mobile.


December 2015

Online Assessment

How to use online assessment tools for promoting student success in higher education?


Integrating online assessment tools for college and university admissions can be formidable for educators. But what if there is a way to bring computers, smartphones and tablet devices into the curriculum while saving time and engage the students for better learning outcomes with outcome based education software tools? Why not put your quizzes and evaluations online?