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May 2018

Outcome Based Education

Outcome Based Education - what is it all about?

Mary Clotilda Suvin

Even William Spady, the self-proclaimed father of Outcome Based Learning (OBE) when he first initiated OBE, he wouldn’t have thought that his brainchild would come this long way in the field of Education. This blog aims in pondering on what is Outcome Based Education and what constitutes it  on a larger scale. It also tries to find, how it fits into today’s educational system and the advent of automated OBE.


August 2017

Course Scheduling

How course scheduling tools can make a sizable difference in student outcomes


The learning needs of students are of the highest priority in developing the schedule. Strategic use of course planning and scheduling tools into the instructional delivery can make a sizable difference in the student experience and learning outcomes. Creating a timetable schedule for students affects the grades and test scores. Timetable management system provides a personalized graduation pathway to students.


September 2016

Academic Accreditation

Why institutions need data visualization & reporting tools to get academic accreditation with ease


As top colleges and universities continue to dominate the higher education industry with high quality programs, greater number of institutions are realizing the potential of getting their course accredited and adopt the continuous quality improvement process from admission to graduation. Not only can this help educational institutions a unique opportunity to provide quality programs and courses to students, but it also represents a tremendous opportunity for educators to drive enrolment and improve program ranking globally. 


September 2016

Automate Assessments

Fast, fantastic, formative assessment tools make better professors


Formative assessments are important to measure student’s performance and achievement of learning goals. It is getting increasingly difficult for educators to assess all the assignments, tests, quizzes, surveys, evaluations and other assessing activities. Normally it takes a longer time to teach and enable students to score higher grades in assessments. The adoption of new wave of technologies is accelerating, and nowhere is the trend so obvious than in colleges, universities and higher education institutions all over the world. 


June 2016

Student feedback

How student feedback rating system can improve learning & achievement


Higher education has always involved evaluation of the student in terms of class performance, learning & creativity, participation and more. In recent years flipped classroom has been used as the pedagogical model.

Evaluation of courses and curriculum through online surveys is an effective way to enhance student’s learning capabilities in the classroom.

However, are there proper ways to conduct these surveys? Are all students willing to participate? Are the received results authentic and accurate?


May 2016


Twelve accreditation problems of institutions outcome-based education software can solve


Accreditation is about assuring threshold quality as well as assuring quality improvement in higher education institutions and programs. Colleges, universities and higher education institutes should ensure academic quality. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality.


March 2016

Curriculum Mapping

How to use curriculum mapping for improving teaching & learning?

Riaz Ahamed

With the rising demand of online education in the 21st century, majority of higher education leaders have recognized the importance of online course delivery to attract more students. While many universities are delivering high quality programs to grow enrollment numbers, but they are not strategically planning to make students competent and skillful. Curriculum mapping plays an important role to fill this gap.


April 2015


10 benefits of using curriculum mapping system


Curriculum mapping system gives teachers the automated tools to create, edit, search and upload data for syllabus, lessons, and the curriculum.

Simplify curriculum mapping

Schools are increasingly facing challenges to improve student achievement than ever before. Using the latest education technology, curriculum mapping software improves collaboration between students, administrators and teachers and propel student success.  Here are the 10 benefits of using curriculum mapping system to increase student outcomes.


October 2014


Creatrix Campus is participating in the ICTACT BRIDGE conference


This week Creatrix Campus will be sponsoring, attending and exhibiting at ICTACT BRIDGE conference. ICTACT BRIDGE is an initiative of ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT), aims to bridge the gap between the industry and academia. Which, needless to say, is right up our alley.  ICTACT is organizing its 17th edition of ICTACT BRIDGE in Madurai, titled “ICTACT HR Summit 2014 brings in a band of HR experts to discuss on the waves, trends, and revolutions in the industry. We can’t wait to meet the industry and educators with a shared passion for technology.