Timetable Management System

The Timetable Management System provides highly flexible features for efficiently managing the schedules of students in a simple and economic way.


    Customizable timetables

    User-friendly and easy-to-use higher education course scheduling software can be fully customized by colleges to meet their unique class scheduling needs and suggestions.


    Automated scheduling reports

    Online class scheduling software enables you to compile daily and monthly timetable reports for classes, instructors, courses, absences and substitutions for any specified time period.


    Multi-user environment

    The class scheduling system is designed for multi-level user access to timetable databases and ensures instructors and classrooms are easily allocated.


    Integration with other systems

    Timetable Management system can be fully integrated with other systems to dynamically access student data, meetings, and conference systems.



    Automated timetabling

    Automatically create timetables of colleges and students very quickly and smoothly. Automated timetabling provides school with real-time view of courses, classrooms, and faculties in the timetable.


    Manage substitutions

    Generate reports for different periods and automatically calculate absences and manage substitutions for faculties not available or absent.


    Allocate students & classes

    College student scheduling software allows you to allocate students to schedules based on courses selection & also auto-assign instructors, classrooms & course for time periods.


      Manage student waitlists

      Automatically register waitlisted students for classes during the teaching period and notify students via email and SMS alerts. View accurate and up-to-date enrolment data from anywhere, anytime.


      Multilingual support

      Supports multiple language databases to ensure fast and smooth timetable creation related to the geographical region.


      Notifications & Reminders

      Seamlessly integrate timetable with any calendar application. Automatically send email notifications, reminders and SMS alerts when you create or modify timetables.


        Create multiple timetables

        Using academic course scheduling software create multiple timetables at a time and manage different timetable databases for multiple departments with customizable notifications & alerts.


        Locking option

        Using the locking option, colleges can lock the timetable during registration process or other sessions over more than one period of time.


        Mobile scheduling

        Using examination scheduling software, create and store all the examination timetables to manage schedules and enable students & staff to browse timetables on iPhone & Android.



        User-friendly interface


        Intuitive and user-friendly interface for effective college timetable system


        Hybrid, centralized and distributed strategies to scheduling


        Easy work allotment


        Manage timetable effectively and minimize students’ course conflicts.


        Handle complex timetabling problems.


        Minimize the scope for errors.


        Simple and economical


        Simple, easy-to-use, and multi-user access to timetable data.


        Save time and avoid unnecessary delays and confusion with effective timetabling.