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How course scheduling tools can make a sizable difference in student outcomes

08 / 08 / 2017 Sriram

The learning needs of students are of the highest priority in developing the schedule. Strategic use of course planning and scheduling tools into the instructional delivery can make a sizable difference in the student experience and learning outcomes. Creating a timetable schedule for students affects the grades and test scores. Timetable management system provides a personalized graduation pathway to students.

Why automated scheduling should be on your radar?

One of the most important issue facing the higher education industry today is that curriculum, schedules, and assessments are not aligned to students’ outcomes. Many students are struggling to complete their studies.  Scheduling algorithm help colleges and universities to optimize learning and teaching activities for use by faculty and student groups. Automated scheduling of courses, faculties and rooms provide flexibility, support and efficient use of facilities and facilitate access to specialist resources. The timetable will be optimized for classes in such a way that they don't have any clashes in their schedules.

Hassle-free and flexible scheduling

You can create various types of schedules based on multiple parameters, patterns, constraints and more. Here are some of the scheduling types, simple and complex, which are used to make scheduling easier and efficient:  

  • Pattern based real time scheduling algorithm for different classes 
  • Scheduling based on time and resource constraints 
  • Scheduling algorithms based on one or more parameters and priorities 
  • Dynamic scheduling capabilities enable students to  mark their availability as well as to meet credit hours
  • Remote scheduling across different countries and avoid time zone discrepancies
  •  Perfect scheduling stimulates classroom environment

There are three approaches to scheduling - centralized, hybrid & distributed. The scheduling process aims to achieve the best match for teaching and delivery methods, the efficient use of teaching space and technology and to maximise student choice. The key steps to manage the timetable include:

  • Scheduling for individuals and groups based on criteria
  • Plan teaching loads
  • Auto assign faculty 
  • Schedule/reschedule classes or events 
  • Filter schedules based on course paper, room, faculty, session & topic
  • Swap, reschedule and cancel the schedule
  • Add topics to the scheduled classes 
  • Update lesson plan
  • View the past, current and upcoming schedules
  • Automatically notify users by email and messaging
  • Leveraging data and analytics, students can view their class schedule
  • Generate reports identifying key trends that impact the timetable

Where possible, the development of the timetable will be integrated with other key processes of institutions including faculty load planning, teaching delivery methods, and many others. This ensures that scheduling services of the institution promote effective teaching and learning, optimal utilization of space and facilities and maximizes student attendance and effective participation. 

Scheduling for student success

Educational institutions are offering various courses and programs, which provide greater flexibility and can improve student learning and retention. There is a great potential for improving the current course scheduling practices to increase student and institutional success with automated scheduling. Here are some of the important benefits of scheduling:

  • Match teaching and delivery methods
  • Stability and flexibility that aligns with student needs
  • Schedule/reschedule classes or events any way you like 
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts before scheduling is published 
  • Students can meet their credit hours and 
  • Automatically assign faculty for courses
  • Facilitate academic availability
  • Optimize teaching loads and save faculty time
  • Ensure student participation and improve outcomes

We know that students who start a class late are far less likely to finish the class or finish with a satisfactory grade. Automated scheduling system is one step in the right direction, over time you will find that course scheduling tools optimizes pathway to student success.

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