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April 2017

accreditation preparation

How faculty’s role can be made easier and smoother in accreditation preparation

Ranjith S

Academic accreditation is a formal recognition of an educational program or the Institution in accordance with the standards of quality set by the accreditation agency against the well-defined criteria. Collegiate accredited is granted to the particular higher educational Institutions on the basis of impartial assessment of the attainment of specific requirements in terms of its performance, related to the academic processes and outcomes, covering the entire academics, administration and services.


April 2017

Course Evaluation System

How course and faculty evaluation system can improve course quality and promote teaching excellence


Educators are faced with numerous challenges in paper-based course evaluations including substantial investment of staff time and resources, huge paper costs, creating questions, administering course evaluations in the classroom for a large number of students, and lower response rate from students.


September 2016

Faculty Workload

How to balance academic workload and improve faculty performance


When the workload of faculty and staff is unbalanced, frustration, dissatisfaction and conflicts can result, as well as productivity issues and missed schedules.


July 2016

Faculty attendance

Top 5 ways how faculty attendance monitoring system can reduce workload & improve efficiency


Education world is getting better with advancements in digital technology and business intelligence, making life even better for faculties and students. Technology-enabled classroom education makes every task as easy as possible and everything seems to be automatic and effortless.


June 2016

Timetable scheduling

Why you need to automate timetable scheduling for optimizing teaching loads


Educators know the effectiveness of scheduling and managing instructional time in higher education. Automated timetable scheduling solution help educational institutions to efficiently manage the scheduling process across multiple courses, faculties and rooms to save time and optimize staff workload.  Here are the 10 things to look for in a automated timetable management system:


June 2016

NAFSA 2016 helps international educators

NAFSA 2016 helps international educators to get more out of global learning


The NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo was one of the largest global events held last week in Denver, Colorado. Nearly 9,000 international educators from 100+ countries attended the event. The annual NAFSA conference helped participants to develop meaningful partnerships and bolster global engagement among all institutions.  NAFSA is leading the way by helping thousands of international education professionals to get going with global learning, and showing them how the global approach will help them improve learning outcomes and student success.  


May 2016

Higher Education Principals

Top 10 challenges faced by 21st century principals


Principals are facing challenges each day towards improving student achievement on the campus. Every principal face some of the biggest frustrations to control student behavior, recruiting teachers and staff, promote personalized learning, improve teaching effectiveness, student retention, parent support, and more. 


March 2016

Automated gradebook

How automated gradebook tools can improve the performance of faculty?


The latest technology tools simplifies, streamlines and makes grading easier for faculty and administrators, and communicating the information is less tedious and time-consuming. Automated gradebook not just evaluate assignments, tests and quizzes, but also manage data in one place. Gradebook management software enable faculty to capture and track the progress of students in their classes. Grades assigned for the student work can then be shared with parents across website and mobile devices.  


February 2016

5 ways to help faculty effectively manage teaching loads & schedules

5 ways to help faculty effectively manage teaching loads & schedules


One of the greatest problems for faculty members is to avoid high level stress, fatigue and burnout due to excess teaching loads in colleges and universities. Often in times of increased pressure, instructors may be firefighting to manage class schedules and find time for research, mentoring and other teaching events. 


November 2015

Course Management System

How faculty can use course management system for teaching excellence & innovation?


Course management system is increasingly adopted by faculty and staff in academic systems in higher education as technology trends are growing. Cloud, Analytics and Mobile are the emerging technologies that allows serendipitous learning opportunities for students, who could be exposed to new things they might have originally come to the classroom for.


November 2015

faculty evaluation system

Fast, accurate, mobile & unobtrusive evaluations with faculty evaluation system


Many of the education systems around the world have no frameworks for teacher evaluations. Evaluation is left to the discretion of education institutions and boards. There are no standardized tools for testing teacher effectiveness with clear-cut teacher-appraisal policies. A fair evaluation system can help faculty thrive in the classroom and improves the chance of student success.   


September 2015

Timetable management system

10 advantages of timetable management system that educators can’t ignore


If you are an educator, you can understand how manual preparation of timetables for each class and adjust them according to teacher availability is tedious and frustrating. Timetable Management system help students to register for courses and see how course-section fits into the timetable schedule. Timetable software provides effortless scheduling of timetable apart from an array of benefits to schools, colleges or any other institution. They include: 
1. Eliminate Paper-based Processes


July 2015

higher education

5 tips for educators to fight plagiarism in higher education

Charlie Robinson

There are increasing cases of plagiarism reported in the education sector and the numbers are steadily rising each year. There is evidence of students ghostwriting assessments including assignments, and tests with simple internet search to fulfill learning requirements. Students resort to electronic cheating as they find cheap ways for quick gains. Colleges and Universities are fighting to detect and report cases of plagiarism.


May 2015

Mobile App

Mobile apps can make a difference for educators


Traditionally learning and analytical skills manage every aspect of the student’s classroom experience. But the evolution of high tech world through smartphones and tablets encourages and enriches the entire student lifecycle.

Technology and learning


April 2015

Academic Software

7 ways academic software can be a good deal for educationalists


While educators generally aim to make academic success off their institutions, this goal is challenging. They are looking for different options to manage their academic processes. Anyone can easily run the education software, but they have to make huge IT investments on hardware, software, licensing and maintenance costs. When you are done with the software installation on the computer, you will have an eye on the value and benefits it brings to your institution, short and long-term results.