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Fast, accurate, mobile & unobtrusive evaluations with faculty evaluation system

03 / 11 / 2015 Sriram

Many of the education systems around the world have no frameworks for teacher evaluations. Evaluation is left to the discretion of education institutions and boards. There are no standardized tools for testing teacher effectiveness with clear-cut teacher-appraisal policies. A fair evaluation system can help faculty thrive in the classroom and improves the chance of student success.   

Web-based and mobile teacher evaluation system impact schools and higher education institutions being unable to measure classroom observations and student achievement, and result in supporting poor teaching quality and student performance. 

Cloud and mobile based faculty evaluation system provide high quality assessments and help students reach their true potential. Online evaluations for higher education are fast, accurate and unobtrusive with rich features and functionality, and deliver better assessments to administrators, resolve critical issues fast and help faculty improve their delivery.

Online evaluation tests

Simplify and streamline the faculty performance evaluation process with online evaluation tests for the classes taken by the faculty. Administer group and individual evaluation for the students.

Form builder & workflow

Create an evaluation model using built-in teacher performance evaluation form to match your existing system. Create multiple forms for different departments and campuses.

Ratings and goal settings

Configure and customize rating scales with weightage based questions to evaluate teacher on various parameters. Comparative evaluation allows to rate teachers with respect to their peers. Threshold evaluation score to benchmark teacher performance


Sync your staff evaluation process with the calendar. Schedule evaluations and set reminders on upcoming evaluations.


Monitor the evaluation progress of teachers using dashboard reports on past and present evaluation scores. 


View the evaluation trends and improve the teacher’s performance levels and automatically notify teachers via email, SMS alerts and push notifications.

Promote learning and teaching excellence

Create training and improvement action plan based on evaluation scores to improve teaching.

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