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How faculty’s role can be made easier and smoother in accreditation preparation

28 / 04 / 2017 Ranjith S

Academic accreditation is a formal recognition of an educational program or the Institution in accordance with the standards of quality set by the accreditation agency against the well-defined criteria. Collegiate accredited is granted to the particular higher educational Institutions on the basis of impartial assessment of the attainment of specific requirements in terms of its performance, related to the academic processes and outcomes, covering the entire academics, administration and services.

Role of faculty in Accreditation

Many faculty members have to spend a huge part of their teaching loads in gathering data for accreditation. Collecting historical data is an uphill task. The overall process is very time-consuming and hence explains why course and institutional accreditation pose problems for colleges and universities.

Challenges of faculty involvement

Here are three common problems faced by faculty in accreditation process:

1. Faculty members spend 30 % - 40 % of their time to update the documents of accreditation in any given semester.

2. Gathering data for the manual evaluation process is complex, error prone and takes a lot of time to calculate the evaluation mark. 

3. Process flaws if any, cannot be identified and rectified.

Meeting the academic standards with Accreditation Management System

Accreditation Management Software offers simpler, clearer, and faster ways to get higher education institutions and courses easily accredited with ABET, NBA, TEQSA, CPE, KHDA and other standards. The system ensures that all the relevant data needed for the multiple reports are readily available in the system at the click of a button. This greatly reduces the amount of hours spent by faculty in collecting all the base data. 

Greater faculty participation

As a lot of the assessments, surveys and resources are dispensed in online mode with the Academics module, it results in plenty of time saving for the faculty. Much of faculty burden of doing online entries of marks, review and feedback comes down drastically. This saves time for faculties and instructors which can be directed in doing more research in ensuring that students are given better coaching in order to meet the industry criteria.

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