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July 2017

Data Analytics

Using Academic Analytics to drive decision-making in higher education institutions

Reporting Sriram S.

There is a burgeoning interest in higher education institutions to have data-driven analytics solution to elevate decision-making and improve performance. An education management system powered by analytics data offer a goldmine of data that can impact the curriculum design, course delivery, students and the institution's growth. 

How can automation power learning and teaching?


June 2015

student success

5 ways data analytics is critical to the success of every student, faculty and campus


In the digital age, big data and analytics are the top priority for colleges and higher education. Data tracking technologies provide new expectations and capabilities for educational institutions. Analytics provides a 360 degree view of different users in the institution including students, faculty, staff and administrators to communicate data through graphs and charts for taking data-driven decisions at the right time.


September 2014

Discipline System

Powerful tracking and reporting tools integrated with discipline management system


Creatrix Campus can boost the student’s potential and build a school community with powerful tracking and reporting tools when addressing disciplinary issues. The Creatrix Campus discipline, behavior, incident and merit tracker is a web and mobile based solution that enables educators to solve disciplinary incidents in a secure, innovative and feature-rich system with high-impact features such as: