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Twelve accreditation problems of institutions outcome-based education software can solve

27 / 05 / 2016 Sriram

Accreditation is about assuring threshold quality as well as assuring quality improvement in higher education institutions and programs. Colleges, universities and higher education institutes should ensure academic quality. The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality.

The assessment and evaluation process of accreditation of programs and courses is based on various criteria developed by the accrediting organization made up of experts from reputed national-level technical institutions, industries, R&D organizations and professional bodies.

How does accreditation work?

Accrediting institutions have benchmarked compliance standards and institutions and programs have to make self-evaluation study based on the standards. Accrediting institutions assess and grade institutions, the courses and programs offered by them, their various units, faculty, departments etc. After establishing that the institution has achieved the norms and standards prescribed by the regulatory authority, institutions and the degrees are accredited.

Twelve accreditation problems of institutions

  1. Paperwork
  2. Time-consuming & tedious process
  3. Collect student records 
  4. Capture graduate attributes
  5. Identify curriculum gaps
  6. Track student performance
  7. Faculty performance evaluation
  8. Syllabus, lessons & other study resources
  9. Student feedback on courses
  10. Course Assessments
  11. Communication & Collaboration
  12. Budgeting & Financial control

Education technology goes mainstream

Colleges, universities and higher education institutions rely heavily on paper-based, manual, and inefficient processes. Education technology developments is hitting the mainstream through the adoption of cloud, digital and mobile within the institution.  This reflects the evolution of education technologies as colleges have come to terms with the opportunity provided by process automation.

Outcome-based accreditation software makes the difference

Accreditation process automation gives peace of mind to the accrediting college and higher education administrators. By combining proven methodologies and cutting-edge technology solutions through built-in workflows, secure access to data and end-user experience, higher education software is implemented to meet the precise needs of the institution. Accreditation management software features online forms, questionnaire, dashboards, evaluation reports, surveys, performance appraisals, compliance standards, site visit management, meeting registration, file management & sharing, and robust reporting capabilities. 


  • Fulfillment of highest quality standards established by regulatory bodies
  • Become eligible for financial aid programs
  • Outcome based education software with continuous quality improvement tools for the benefit of students
  • Improved learning outcomes
  • Fosters personalized learning 
  • Commitment to educational best practices

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