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How student feedback rating system can improve learning & achievement

29 / 06 / 2016 Sriram

Higher education has always involved evaluation of the student in terms of class performance, learning & creativity, participation and more. In recent years flipped classroom has been used as the pedagogical model.

Evaluation of courses and curriculum through online surveys is an effective way to enhance student’s learning capabilities in the classroom.

However, are there proper ways to conduct these surveys? Are all students willing to participate? Are the received results authentic and accurate?

Here are the 5 benefits of using cloud & mobile-based faculty information system to improve student’s learning and achievement

1. Track and improve learning and teaching excellence

Continuously improve teaching standards with online feedback received. Maximize student participation in courses using feedback and increase overall responses.

2. Ensure authentic & accurate results

Students are invited to fill the survey questionnaire with genuine responses. This puts away all the fears of students at rest by assuring an anonymous feedback system and encouraging them to share their true experience during the course with authentic and accurate results. 

3. Boost the response rates

Online surveys offer the most convenient way to get maximum responses. Send the survey questionnaire to all student accounts, allowing instant access from anywhere. They can fill in their responses at any time, without the pressure to fill up surveys especially when they are burdened with assignments. Students can complete the surveys at their convenience.

4. Get the most out of surveys 

Gather responses as soon as the surveys are filled by the students. This will save time and the institution can avoid the tedious process of printing survey questionnaire, making personal visits to each classroom, get the paper-based questionnaire filled by students and collect the responses.

5. Automated Evaluation

The automated feedback system evaluates the survey responses and generates reports within seconds. Eliminate any human involvement in evaluation and also survey results are transparent. 

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