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The use of digital evaluation tools for accurate and ultra-speedy assessment results

09 / 01 / 2018 Pon Victor Abraham

Disruptive assessment & evaluation technology in higher education

Digital evaluation system has revolutionized higher education the way assessments are conducted to a large number of students across colleges and universities with digitization. The evaluation of answer scripts on the screen is slowly creeping into mainstream learning environment to bring transparency, fairness and credibility in higher education assessments.

What exactly is digital evaluation?

Digital evaluation and assessments are fast, easy, accurate and highly secure. Evaluators can access the digitized answer booklets on the central server and evaluate the papers with ease. The physical answer sheets are digitized and uploaded to the server for assessments.

Digital marking solution for higher education

The education specialists at Creatrix Campus believes that digital evaluation technology is poised to disrupt the education industry, from K-12 schools to colleges and universities. 

Revamping the assessment system

On screen evaluation is hoping to revolutionize the way assessments are conducted and evaluated digitally and results are announced instantly. Exam administrators are provided with the most comprehensive and easy tools to improve exam process and improve quality of evaluation and gain higher efficiency and transparency in examination management.

Digital marking system is used for short and long text responses to complement the work of evaluators. Once candidates have completed the examination, answer sheets are scanned using high-speed scanners and uploaded into the encrypted cloud servers for further processing with no paper-based scripts sent to examiners. The answer scripts are automatically identified the relevant response areas are extracted from the page into exam answer sheet folders. 

Administrators assign the answer scripts to evaluators. They access the screen with the two-factor authentication system, check the answer scripts on the screen, rectify errors or discrepancies and display marks while checking the responses across the website and mobile devices. 

Making evaluations more credible

Marks or grades are automatically calculated and mark sheets are generated quickly. Colleges and universities can access and announce results immediately after checking. Students can receive the evaluated answer scripts via their smartphones and tablets providing greater transparency and accountability. Generate customized reports with statistics and charts on exam results showing automatically assigned ranks. The digital gradebook and transcripts are tamper-proof and can easily be shared with students and parents.

Keeping assessment records safe & easily accessible in the cloud

Faculty and staff misplace essential now and then, and they lose the answer scripts at the most inopportune time. And then, there are instances of an institute whose server breaks down or the data completely wiped out, for some reason. These and students who have trouble getting a copy of their academic assessment records can benefit from the encrypted cloud servers for processing of answer scripts.

Final word

Digital evaluation may be a new concept, but education technologists already see a myriad of possibilities. And given the various assessment standard used in the most higher education system, it’s easy to predict that educators will adopt the evaluation technology sooner rather than later.

But you have to remember that most of the groundbreaking practices in education industry—the cloud, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, chatbot, and mobile learning definitely looks exciting. So, it can be said with pinpoint accuracy that digital evaluation in education will dominate the future of higher education.

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