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Online assessment management system enhances student learning outcomes

03 / 03 / 2016 Sriram

Many academic institutions are increasingly feeling the need for revamping the assessment pattern. A flexible assessment data management system enables institutions to manage data related to coursework, quizzes, tests, examinations, and generate reports to evaluate student performance.  The system is built around academic goals to improve the student learning and outcomes, and help education institutions to take informed decisions. The education assessment platform works on multiple platforms – cloud, web and mobile. It can seamlessly integrate with powerful tools to communicate and collaborate between faculty and students and drive engagement.

The online assessment management system drastically reduces the workload and time spent by teachers on manual work. They can create question banks for various courses and upload files, documents, images and media in a variety of formats. The assignment management system enables teachers to upload, share, track assignments and send reminders to students via online and mobile devices. Students can make online submission of assignments from within the system, while teachers can provide grades, and share the feedback with students and parents.    

Creatrix Campus offers a cloud and mobile-based customizable and scalable assessment solution for schools and higher education. Our solution can automate and optimize the assessment process campus-wide to meet the strategic and assessment goals of education institutions and improve student performance. Creatrix Campus can integrate assessment management and student information system, and offers a single, secure system for multiple campuses.

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