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Managing a wealth of data with Creatrix Campus Education Solutions

09 / 09 / 2014 Admin

Educational institutions need to thrive in a challenging environment and evolve quickly to cope with the demands of students, faculty, management and parents.  Every day schools, colleges and universities spend millions of dollars in manual processes like enrollment, admission, attendance, report card, etc.

Cloud, Website & Mobile solutions

Educational institutions need a way to beam student data in real-time on mobile devices or websites or content management system, so as to make faster, more informed decisions. Educational process automation and reporting enables institutions to see student information visualized in quick turnaround time.

Customized Reports for faster decision-making

Dashboards provide easy-to-read charts and graphs that communicate at a glance virtually anything you want to track in school or college management to drive decision-making. The graphical presentation of data helps institutions anticipate problems in student absenteeism, dropouts or retention before they happen.

Secure access to data

When enrollment and admission processes are automated, you have to ensure that the information is distributed to the key stakeholders – students, teachers, administrators and parents. The management can broadcast and maintain control over the data and ensure that what data the students see, what information the parents can access, without compromising the safety and integrity of the institution.  

Strategic decision-making

Creatrix Campus Education Managment solutions harnesses cloud, CMS and mobile technologies to tighten academic processes and improve student service. Make your first experience with Creatrix Campus and build a powerful Cloud ERP solution and Student Information System for data-driven decisions, improved efficiencies and cost-savings.

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