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6 super teacher tools for improving learning outcomes

15 / 04 / 2016 Sriram

This is what happens in a classroom. When you teach a hard topic in Mathematics, most of the students will find it difficult to solve the problem. Very few knew the right answer even after you worked with some examples. When you teach again for few more minutes, few more students can find the right answer. When you take the problem the other way and teach with videos and slides, many will think it is easy. As a result of this experience, students can learn very quickly and no one had to come for after-school tutoring. 

When students have understood the lesson they could perform the tasks well. For this, teachers need various tools to measure learning effectiveness and review the instruction methodology. Higher education institutions can make use of the most advanced technology tools such as automated timetable, online quizzes, mobile attendance, digital learning and evaluation forms to improve the performance of students and teachers. This can be done now. Here’s how:

1. Automated Timetable Scheduling

Here’s a great feature. One of the quickest and easiest way for teachers is to create a beautifully balanced timetable schedule with faculty management software that will accommodate all changes instantly and meet your criteria. Automatic timetable scheduling, which is customizable, flexible and mobile-friendly, will do everything for teachers. You can create multiple class schedules for different periods without conflicts. 

2. Online Assessments & Grading

Create online assessments including rapid tests, special surveys, and quick quizzes on the fly with outcome-based assessment software. You can even use it to build online tests with multiple choice questions. Report cards should never be a surprise for students. Instructors can create flexible grading structure options and assign grades automatically. The huge advantages of grading is that it automatically calculates grades with weightages and gives letter and number grading and see how students are doing. 

3. Teacher Evaluation Forms

There are a number of tools which can be used by academic staff to measure teaching effectiveness. Student assessment and peer review process can be implemented with online teaching evaluation form builder and workflows to evaluate faculty performance, The feedback from the process is used for incorporating merit decisions on promotions and tenure of the individual. The evaluation process can be scheduled and completed on mobile devices in a fair and transparent manner for better professional outcomes.    

4. Attendance Marking

It is frustrating and time-consuming to manage student’s attendance in fast-paced learning environments. Today’s schools and colleges are facing multiple challenges in tracking student’s attendance. RFID and fingerprint Biometric based attendance management system can help administrators to manage these challenges with ease. Teachers can mark attendance using mobile devices and approve student’s leave. The technologically advanced, yet simple and comprehensive web and mobile attendance solution provides a convenient way to track attendance & leave, monitor tardies, and keep parents in the loop about absences with automatic email & SMS alerts. 

5. Incident Tracking

But what if you have bad behavior incidents with students such as bullying, accidents or vandalism which you can’t track? Implementing an efficient behavior tracking system allows you to get complete control over discipline issues and keep parents informed in real-time via email, SMS alerts and push notifications. Capture incidents, configure rules, create discipline letters, initiate referrals, analyze trends and generate reports for quick decision-making to resolve behavior problems. 

6. Chat & Forum

Discussion forum is a great way to check the understanding of students. They can take notes, raise questions, and comment to posts. Students can use live chat, post images, embed videos & slides, and share information with the class via social networks. While these are powerful tools to enhance learning through digital media, you can personalize learning as well. 

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