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Competency Based Education


March 2017

Exam Management System

Easy way to build online assessments, tests and quizzes for faculty with Creatrix Campus

Hansa Sivakumar

Exams are fast approaching and prepping for them starts early in many institutions as it involves a lot of tedious manual processing. A lot of faculty workload is increased in examination activities by way of registering students, allocation of classrooms, setting and storing the question paper and more. This is where an automated Exam Software from Creatrix Campus help higher education institutions to simplify, streamline and enhance faculty’s life.


December 2016

Competency Based Education

Colleges turn to digital solutions to improve student outcomes in competency-based learning

Sriram S.

Competency-based education (CBE) programs are transforming higher education by personalized learning and enable students to earn a college degree at their own pace, while developing real-world job skills. 

Competency-based education


October 2016


How students can reduce time to degree and accelerate success with competency-based education

Sriram S.

Competency-based education has become immensely popular in higher education nowadays. With hundreds of colleges are working to create CBE programs, there are significant savings on the horizon for colleges and students. 

Is CBE the future of higher education?


June 2016

Curriculum Mapping

12 ways online curriculum mapping supports competency-based education


Curriculum mapping is a systematic process to identify gaps and redundancies within the curriculum. With the wide adoption of competency-based education standards in higher education all over the world, educational institutions are focused on developing curriculum with modern teaching methods and assessments. Integrating cloud, digital and mobile technologies in curriculum development and delivery can help students acquire demonstrable competencies for improving learning outcomes.