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How students can reduce time to degree and accelerate success with competency-based education

31 / 10 / 2016 Sriram S.

Competency-based education has become immensely popular in higher education nowadays. With hundreds of colleges are working to create CBE programs, there are significant savings on the horizon for colleges and students. 

Is CBE the future of higher education?

CBE program is expected to be a quick revenue source for higher education institutions in the long haul. Many universities are offering competency-based education programs which are specifically aimed at working professionals in medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and social work. Educational institutions may also receive financial aid from the state education department for approved CBE programs. CBE programs improve student engagement, while recent studies reveal that CBE programs increase postgraduate student retention and success rate depending on the type of the program.

Real-world job skills matter more to employers than grades

Competency-based education is based on the demonstrated skills and competencies of students rather than guessing how academic success will translate to real-world job skills. Competency-based learning is driven by problem-solving instead of how much time is spent in the classroom by students. Employers can easily judge their prospective employees based on their capabilities. 

Self-paced learning accelerates graduation rate 

Competency-based education is focused on providing self-paced learning to students with the possibilities of completing the degree program faster than they would otherwise.

Using competency-based education solution to enhance competencies

Competency-based education solution allows students to enhance their mastery of skills, while achieving efficiency gains significantly. Higher education software for CBE help colleges to enrol substantial number of students, while preserving academic quality.  Competency-based education technology solution provides an incentive to students to work faster to complete their degree and save money. There are six ways competency-based learning solution help colleges and universities to improve student enrolment and advancement, while facilitating students to prove their competences.

  1. Student-focused & Personalized Learning that give pathway to student success through personalized instruction and learning using next generation data and analytics that help prepare students for accelerated graduation
  2. Adaptive & Flexi-level Assessments for courses including objective assessments, performance-based assessments, peer-assessments, competence-based assessments for individuals & groups
  3. Digital Mind Mapping of students proficiency levels with the targeted learning objectives
  4. Teaching Enhancements for Deeper Learning through strategic use of multimedia content such as video and audio lectures, podcasts, and slides to support the right competency development at the right time.
  5. Flexible Scheduling & Planning Tools for student groups to help self-paced learning
  6. Gap Analysis Tools allow educators to assess core competency development and the need for curriculum revision

Is competency-based education solution right for your institution?

Educational institutions can get smarter about competency-based education programs. Implemented effectively, cloud-baed ERP platform for competency-based education enable educational institutions to adapt to different learning styles, reduce costs, improve students progress, accelerate graduation, and transform faculty role harnessing the power of education technology. Students also are provided additional time for mastering application of difficult concepts. CBE promotes collaboration between faculty members and students with automated email notifications, messages, discussion forum and chat. CBE makes a big impact on the students and the institute on the whole.

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