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May 2018

Outcome Based Education

Outcome Based Education - what is it all about?

Mary Clotilda Suvin

Even William Spady, the self-proclaimed father of Outcome Based Learning (OBE) when he first initiated OBE, he wouldn’t have thought that his brainchild would come this long way in the field of Education. This blog aims in pondering on what is Outcome Based Education and what constitutes it  on a larger scale. It also tries to find, how it fits into today’s educational system and the advent of automated OBE.


December 2017

Student life cycle

10 ways to ensure you have the best possible course registration for your students


An essential part for all students who have enrolled in programs offered by the college or university is the completion of registration leading to the semester. New students, transfers, and continuing students leverage online registration system in different ways. From course scheduling to report card, 21st-century students expect quick, ease of access to a variety of services. 


September 2016

Fee Processing

12 ways automated fee processing is key to college planning


College office is probably filled with stacks of loose papers and manila folders. Avoid the costs of inefficiencies and errors caused when higher education institutions are overwhelmed with late payments, slow pace of assignment and approvals, and forgotten invoices. Minimize careless mistakes and maximise your profitability with a workflow automation of fee process.

Take your fee payment process and consider what it would be like if you could get rid of all your paper receipts and invoices forever. Here are the twelve ways to start automating your fee processes right away:


September 2016

Student Lifecycle Management

How to leverage online tools to transform student lifecycle & maximize student success


Automated tools are transforming the learning landscape for students.  Higher education students are more connected with the community than ever. In fact, increasing number of educators are implementing online tools throughout the student lifecycle from admission through graduation programs and beyond, and higher education leaders are supporting this paradigm shift.


July 2016

6 Warning Signs

6 warning signs that your student recruitment system is outdated


When colleges and universities began stepping up recruitment of students, administrators knew they needed a recruitment management software. Unfortunately, it’s not always that obvious.

In the best of times, student recruitment is going to be a stressful thing for everyone that they get afraid if their enrolment targets aren’t achieved.