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Course Evaluation


May 2018

Outcome Based Education

Outcome Based Education - what is it all about?

Mary Clotilda Suvin

Even William Spady, the self-proclaimed father of Outcome Based Learning (OBE) when he first initiated OBE, he wouldn’t have thought that his brainchild would come this long way in the field of Education. This blog aims in pondering on what is Outcome Based Education and what constitutes it  on a larger scale. It also tries to find, how it fits into today’s educational system and the advent of automated OBE.


January 2018

Digital Evaluation

The use of digital evaluation tools for accurate and ultra-speedy assessment results

Pon Victor Abraham

Disruptive assessment & evaluation technology in higher education

Digital evaluation system has revolutionized higher education the way assessments are conducted to a large number of students across colleges and universities with digitization. The evaluation of answer scripts on the screen is slowly creeping into mainstream learning environment to bring transparency, fairness and credibility in higher education assessments.


March 2016


5 advantages of using online assessment tools to evaluate students

Ragavi Sivakumar

Education can effectively function using next generation tools. Cloud, digital and mobile technologies are increasingly used in the classroom for identifying and evaluating students in higher education. Teaching a large number of students in different classes and let students take a test or quiz is a tough challenge.


November 2015

faculty evaluation system

Fast, accurate, mobile & unobtrusive evaluations with faculty evaluation system


Many of the education systems around the world have no frameworks for teacher evaluations. Evaluation is left to the discretion of education institutions and boards. There are no standardized tools for testing teacher effectiveness with clear-cut teacher-appraisal policies. A fair evaluation system can help faculty thrive in the classroom and improves the chance of student success.