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August 2017

Course Scheduling

How course scheduling tools can make a sizable difference in student outcomes


The learning needs of students are of the highest priority in developing the schedule. Strategic use of course planning and ...

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July 2017

Data Analytics

Using Academic Analytics to drive decision-making in higher education institutions

Reporting Sriram S.

There is a burgeoning interest in higher education institutions to have data-driven analytics solution to elevate decision-m...

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June 2017

ABET Accreditation

How technology-readiness will allow institutions to easily go for ABET Accreditation

Hansa Sivakumar

In most states of the US, the completion of an ABET accredited four-year Sc.B. degree program is among the first requirement...

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May 2017


Using robust assessment tools to eliminate paper-grading burden & measure student success


Do you know that colleges and universities are using automated assessment tools to measure student’s performance and strateg...

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