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Student Information System


September 2016

Automate Assessments

Fast, fantastic, formative assessment tools make better professors


Formative assessments are important to measure student’s performance and achievement of learning goals. It is getting increasingly difficult for educators to assess all the assignments, tests, quizzes, surveys, evaluations and other assessing activities. Normally it takes a longer time to teach and enable students to score higher grades in assessments. The adoption of new wave of technologies is accelerating, and nowhere is the trend so obvious than in colleges, universities and higher education institutions all over the world. 


July 2016

SIS Higher Education

Student information system: Beautifully simple application to ensure student success


Paradigm shifts in the higher education industry recently has been phenomenal. To remain effective in an increasingly fast-changing and competitive industry, educational institutions must boost enrolment, improve efficiency and ensure student success. It’s particularly important for educators to embrace best-in-class technologies through digital education in the learning environment, replacing traditional processes. 

Flexible solution for 21st century educators


June 2016

Mobile innovation

6 smart ways to use mobile innovation in higher education institutions

Ruchi Jain

Colleges and universities are looking more at mobile solutions that benefit students and faculty. This will not only improve student experience but also help higher education institutions to recruit more students. Mobile innovation increases prospect engagement even before they enroll.

Not all educational institutions need a mobile app, but every school or college will benefit from leveraging mobile solutions to: 


November 2015

Student success

Fast-tracking student success through cloud & mobile innovation


K-12 schools, colleges and universities had long dreamed of providing fourth generation competencies among its students needed to enable technology into its academic plans and goals at an affordable cost, and also rugged enough to survive normal, daily student use. Education institutes needed to incorporate cloud, analytics and mobility with access to all student information and activities from anywhere, anytime.