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April 2018

features needed in LMS

The 15 definitive features you need to have in a Learning Management System (LMS) for your Higher Ed. College

Abhishek Das

“An LMS is a web-based software application that enables organisations to create online reading material, administer courses, document and track learning, assess learning and provide training for the said courses and reporting. Through an LMS; higher education institutions and corporations alike, aim to enhance learning and identifying training gaps”.


February 2018


What is an LMS?

Abhishek Das

If you search LMS on Google, you would probably end up getting over 60 million results. It is the newest trend in the corporate world and a possible solution for providing education to all. While you would get some information from your Google search, most of it would be from a specific point of view and over half of it would be marketing an existing incomplete product. So we decided to write a blog that should answer all your questions once and for all.


May 2015

social learning

10 strategies for engaging students with intelligent social learning


Social learning platforms are becoming ever more popular in today's tech-savvy educational institutions around the world. Schools and Colleges can leverage the wealth of academic resources to benefit the community of users including students, teachers and staff from anywhere. Social learning is highly relevant for today's classroom management system and offers a number of advantages to the entire community across the campus, and beyond.


March 2015


The transformative power of blended learning technologies in K-12 and Higher Education


Blended learning is a capricious mix of technology and teaching methods in the classroom. Classroom learning is changing every generation and how innovative learning tools enables teachers to design course content, assignments and assessments in the learning space. Using cutting-edge synchronous communication tools has advanced the state of higher education and keep it compelling. More and more education institutes want to automate the learning process, optimize the resources, spur innovation and promote collaborative learning and teaching in the global market.


March 2015


Developing a custom Learning Management System (LMS) to drive student success

Charlie Robinson

We are living in a new age of education where every student has different set of needs and technology has personalized learning, where each school thinks and operates differently. No two educational system functions in the same way. There are some products in the market which offers solution to manage the learning needs of institutions.There are various categories of students, some might be slow learner, some quick and some need more tutoring and few needs practical experience and so on.