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August 2015

Hostel management

10 reasons to move to cloud and speed up time to value in hostel management


Automation is probably the most obvious time saver for hostel operations in colleges and universities. It prevents the need for administrators to provide paper-based registration forms, billing, maintenance, or track the entry of students, visitors or guests under their control. Cloud-based hostel management system allows higher education institutions to rapidly create scalable and flexible hostel environments to deliver better service to students, much faster and simpler than manual processes.


July 2015

Hostel Software

Top 10 ways for hostels to manage student admission and improve efficiency


Hostel facilities in educational institutions are managed with manual paperwork in a labor-intensive environment. This has resulted in poor resource utilization and impacted the overall efficiency of the academic institutions. The system of managing and administering hostels, mess and other facilities in institutions is ineffective as it is attributed to the following problems:

Problems in the Existing System