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May 2017


Using robust assessment tools to eliminate paper-grading burden & measure student success


Do you know that colleges and universities are using automated assessment tools to measure student’s performance and strategies to enhance it. 

Standard tests don’t measure student performance

Educators are experiencing almost relentless pressure to show their effectiveness. They are looking for deep insights that gauge performance and inspire effort. Most institutions judge a student success on the basis of student performance on standardized achievement tests. 


March 2017

Exam Management System

Easy way to build online assessments, tests and quizzes for faculty with Creatrix Campus

Hansa Sivakumar

Exams are fast approaching and prepping for them starts early in many institutions as it involves a lot of tedious manual processing. A lot of faculty workload is increased in examination activities by way of registering students, allocation of classrooms, setting and storing the question paper and more. This is where an automated Exam Software from Creatrix Campus help higher education institutions to simplify, streamline and enhance faculty’s life.


October 2016

OBE Framework

10 steps to improve education quality and student achievement with outcome-based education


An outcome is a culminating demonstration of learning. It is a demonstration of learning that occurs after the completion of the academic program. It is the result of learning, which is a visible and observable demonstration of three things - knowledge, combined with competence, combined with orientations.


September 2016

Automate Assessments

Fast, fantastic, formative assessment tools make better professors


Formative assessments are important to measure student’s performance and achievement of learning goals. It is getting increasingly difficult for educators to assess all the assignments, tests, quizzes, surveys, evaluations and other assessing activities. Normally it takes a longer time to teach and enable students to score higher grades in assessments. The adoption of new wave of technologies is accelerating, and nowhere is the trend so obvious than in colleges, universities and higher education institutions all over the world.