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January 2016

Smarter for colleges

Why online admission and enrollment work smarter for colleges?


Online admission makes it easy and convenient for prospective students to apply for various programs offered by colleges and universities during the admission cycle. 

Is online admission right for my college?


December 2015

Cloud-based project management

Using cloud-based project management solutions in higher education with real-time visibility


As cloud and mobility is maturing fast, higher education institutions are rapidly adopting next-generation cloud platforms to drive growth. Scheduling and managing projects is challenging and time-consuming. You have to continuously improve your best practices to grow your institution while delivering top-notch services to students and faculty. 


October 2015

Cloud-based course registration

How can cloud-based course registration software help thousands of students & instructors?


Students and parents are frustrated in completing the paper-based course registration forms year after year. Managing the enrollment process is time-consuming and tedious for staff. They have to make a lot of effort to complete enrollment. You have to check for duplicate data entry and double-keying errors each time which could exceed your deadline for enrollment during the session.

Cloud-based academic platform


October 2014

Higher Education

Revamp higher education to increase student enrollments and promote employment success


The current higher education system is suffering from several maladies such as skyrocketing education costs, unemployment and student loan debt, and as a result students are suffering. Due to the bleak higher education scenario, colleges and universities are not in a position to compete at the highest level.     Students deserve better than this, and higher education institutes should fight for their future.  Higher education reform is an uphill task.