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April 2018

features needed in LMS

The 15 definitive features you need to have in a Learning Management System (LMS) for your Higher Ed. College

Abhishek Das

“An LMS is a web-based software application that enables organisations to create online reading material, administer courses, document and track learning, assess learning and provide training for the said courses and reporting. Through an LMS; higher education institutions and corporations alike, aim to enhance learning and identifying training gaps”.


March 2018

Admission and Enrolment Management Software

10 Big Reasons Why Your College Needs an Admission and Enrolment Management System

Abhishek Das

Since you are here, then you were probably searching for an admission management software or trying to figure out if you needed one. I will help you out. Have a look at the following questions and see if any of them resonates -


January 2016

Smarter for colleges

Why online admission and enrollment work smarter for colleges?


Online admission makes it easy and convenient for prospective students to apply for various programs offered by colleges and universities during the admission cycle. 

Is online admission right for my college?


August 2015

Charter Schools

Top 5 ways to improve student enrollment in charter schools


Charter Schools help improve education with parental involvement and innovative learning practices to improve academic outcomes of students. However, many of the Charter Schools are struggling to recruit students and achieve enrollment goals.

Charter Schools don’t have an enrollment cap and can recruit students from different geographic regions, but enrollment is difficult.


June 2015

college admissions

5 common goal setting mistakes to avoid in college admissions

Admissions Charlie Robinson

The important aspect of education that ties an institution in knots is the way educators set goals. Most educational institutions struggle to set and achieve goals to improve the quality of the lives of students. Successfully achieving the goals are not only the key to the advancement of the higher education institution, but also trigger the growth of students, faculty and campus. Unfortunately, when selecting the goals, institutions commit mistakes.