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How course and faculty evaluation system can improve course quality and promote teaching excellence

13 / 04 / 2017 Murthy

Educators are faced with numerous challenges in paper-based course evaluations including substantial investment of staff time and resources, huge paper costs, creating questions, administering course evaluations in the classroom for a large number of students, and lower response rate from students.

Student course evaluation software provide direct, honest responses with regard to numerous aspects of a course including course content, assessments, learning activities, and teaching effectiveness.  Automated evaluation tools enables administrators to collect constructive feedback from students, which helps educators to enhance course quality, track student progress, improve teaching methods, and enhance learning outcomes.

Course Evaluation System is helping students & faculty to reach their full potential

Course Evaluation System is user-friendly and easy-to-use and customize. It saves you substantial time and effort. Student surveys can be done well ahead of your timeline. Course Evaluation software features custom templates, questionnaire & surveys, reports and integration with ERP software. 

Custom dashboards and reports are accessible in real-time to address your unique needs. Educators can leverage the many good features and functionality of the comprehensive course and faculty evaluation system to help higher education institutions to reach their full potential, including:

Course/Faculty Evaluation Scheduling

  • Surveys in variety of question styles
  • Single and Multi-response question styles
  • Rating scale 
  • Rankings 
  • Open-ended/interactive question styles 
  • Question library
  • Add question on courses/faculty/admin
  • Multiple evaluations
  • Measure improvements

Data Collection

  • Notify students via email & mobile
  • Ensure evaluations are accessible by everyone
  • Store & manage course evaluation data
  • Track student responses

Data Analysis & Insights

  • Generate smart reports
  • Comparison of performance measures over time
  • Benchmark comparison against peer groups
  • Comparisons among units
  • Comparisons among faculty
  • Benchmark comparisons against national norms
  • Benchmark comparisons against institutions using the same evaluation system

Course/Student/Faculty Improvements

  • Student & Faculty satisfaction measurement
  • Longitudinal survey reports
  • Smart queues to assign tasks to students
  • Improve course quality
  • Achieve course objectives
  • Enhance student skills & competencies
  • Enhance instructor performance
  • Track improvements in real time

The functionality, versatility, and ease of use make course evaluation software an ideal survey solution for the higher education industry. 

What are the benefits offered by Course Evaluation System to colleges & universities?

  • Take evaluations in smart devices
  • Custom surveys & reports
  • Enhanced question selection
  • Easily filterable items
  • Generate reports in minutes
  • Improve student engagement
  • Increase student response rate
  • Improve Course Quality
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve instructor-student interaction
  • Achieve objectives of instructional materials
  • Boost future employability
  • Improve student learning outcomes
  • Easy integration with 3rd party apps

By considering the above points, online evaluations of courses and teaching are suitable alternative to the paper based evaluation. College and university administrators who are considering this online implementation should have well defined survey strategy involving students and faculty to yield the optimized results.

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