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Engineering College Management Software

11 / 08 / 2017 Sivakumar Veerappan

College Management ERP software: 15 great features that will deliver amazing results

College Management Software automates the higher education sector from admission to graduation and beyond and help institutions to achieve the mission and goals, increase student enrollment, and streamline college administration. For colleges and higher education institutions, it is a great tool with an array of killer features, across web and mobile devices, to manage all the records, deliver great learning experience to students, improve operational effectiveness and reduce costs. Engineering college management system is highly configurable, customizable, scalable and flexible, and ensures college leads get accurate reports about administration & academic aspects for better decision-making. It works better and smarter for administration, faculty, and students, and enhances communication between them all.

1. Pre-Registration  
Manage all enquiries & registration using online forms  
Capture personal, contact and course details of students
Real-time status updates & follow-up with automatic reminders  
Track enquiries & enroll more students with dashboards & reports  

2. Admission  
College admission management software enable students to submit online application forms for easy admission
Define multiple stages for step by step admission process
Student admission based on entrance examination & ranking system
Offer installment plans for individual students applying for courses
Automatically notify students & parents via email, SMS alerts & push messages  
Auto-generate admission forms, letters & templates  
3. Counselling Management  
Auto-assign admission inquiries to counsellor for admission processing
Access information on admission criteria of the college  
Configure rules for providing fee discounts to specific applicants
Manage seats for admission to courses under Government & Management quota  

4. Courses & Batches  
Manage lesson plan and courses in multiple batches  
Manage multiple class schedules for different time periods without conflicts
Create multiple batches for each course with start & end dates to enroll students  
Track course progress & student performance in real-time

5.Student Information System  
Centrally store demographic and enrolment data of students in one place using arts college management software
Send email and information alerts to students
Schedule meetings and discussions with students  
Track learning progress and provide guidance   

6.Timetable Scheduling  
Auto-generate timetables for different time periods to avoid conflicts  
Create timetables for various courses based on availability of faculty & classrooms  
Analyze faculty workload for various programs & subjects  
Classroom-wise timetable setting

7.Attendance & Leave  
Mark & track attendance records of students & staff from web & mobile devices  
Automate attendance system with RFID/Biometric integration  
Generate a variety of attendance & leave reports based on program/class/course  
Configure leave types  
Online leave application with automated leave processing   

8.Examination & Report Card  
Create online examinations & tests for various subjects  
Automatic calculation of marks based on weightages
Generate mark sheet & report card with approval workflows  
Enable automated grading & report card generation  
Manage declaration of results for students & parents  

9.Fee Management  
Invoicing options for tuition and other student fees  
Recurring invoices for automatically scheduling repeat payments  
Online payments with payment gateway integration  
Create installment plans for individual students  
Fee due alerts and payment reminders   

Quick catalog search with advanced search capabilities  
Barcode/QR code scanner integration for easy issue and returns  
Search and reserve books & other articles using mobile app  
Configure rules for issue, returns, renewal and fine collection  
Reports and dashboard on library activities   

Using college automation software create placement plan, eligibility criteria & conduct tests & group discussion
Provide information about the latest placement trends & training
Create placement plan & due systematic follow up  
Create tests, schedule interviews post group discussion topics  
12.Email & SMS alerts  
Configure email, SMS alerts and push notifications on app
Set scheduled notifications to be sent on a recurring basis
Internal mailbox to communicate and send mails to users

13.Online Notice Board/ Forum  
Create & schedule upcoming events & announcements for users and groups using online college management system
Instant discussion and forum  
Enable faculty to clear doubts and answer queries by students
Image sharing and comment features to gather feedback on posts   

14.Dashboard & Reports  
Generate dashboards & reports in a single click for better decisions  
Generate leads with admission reports
Get complete financial control with income & expenditure reports
View progress of college activities through Educational Institute Management ERP System for developing strategy & plan for the future
Generate reports to track attendance, leave, timetable, exam results, fee collection & dues, etc.  
15. Mobile App  
Increase agility of the college with mobile app  
View student information, mark attendance & manage leave  
Create assessments & view grades  
Receive instant fee alerts and make payments.


  • Automated operations
  • Zero redundancy in data Higher student enrollment
  • Real-time data availability.
  • Automated grading & report card
  • Focused teaching
  • Real-time student progress
  • Better collaboration with students
  • Innovative classroom learning
  • Easily connect with peers & alumni
  • Get instant alerts
  • Increase faculty engagement
  • Remote student monitoring
  • Increase institute transparency

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