Syllabus Tracking & Lesson Planning Software



    Custom Course Design

    Create and customize classroom courses, assignments, tests, quizzes and other resources in the most effective way to make it accessible to students to improve learning interaction and outcomes.


    Streamline Lesson Planning

    Teachers can plan and manage all the lessons for each academic year in an effective way and save lot of time. The lesson planning system provides real-time progress tracking, advanced search, notification, reports and analytics.


    Document Management

    Upload documents from various places and distribute the lesson plans in standard formats on web and mobile devices. Access, share, track and make revisions in the files from anywhere and anytime.


    Course Scheduling

    Plan and schedule all your courses for each class period using the academic calendar for students to view, plan and prepare for assignments, examination, quizzes and feedback according to the timetable.


    Syllabus Tracking

    The cloud-based syllabus tracker allows you to prepare a detailed syllabus which aligns with the course goals. Instructors can track, manage & share the syllabus with students including assignments & other learning materials.


    Manage Assignments & Tests

    Students can submit the assignments via web and mobile devices. Instructors can evaluate the assignments, tests and other assessments, assign grades, and share the feedback with students and parents in real time.



    Improve Productivity


    Eliminate manual work.


    Automation saves time and money.


    Effective Instruction Delivery


    Speedy delivery system.


    Effective scheduling of courses.


    Real-time Collaboration


    Instant notifications.


    Real time data sharing.