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Syllabus Tracking & Lesson Planning Software

Track your syllabus, courses, lessons, assignments, schedule, and more with Creatrix Campus Syllabus Tracking & Lesson Planning Software.

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Eliminate manual work  and turn the tedious task of lesson planning into an absolutely remarkable experience for instructors. Add rich media, web links and videos to enrich the teaching process and ensure student success.

IT Admin

Create lesson plan templates for designing the standardized lesson plans for every topic. Plan, manage, and track the syllabus and lesson plans efficiently. Add resources for different learning modes and complexities.


Simplify faculty’s job, and also can ensure that classes are conducted in a seamless and efficient manner.Real-time tracking of syllabus status of each class helps timely completion of syllabus.

Key features that sets us apart

Automated Lesson Planner

Syllabus template is designed to help instructors offer students all the information they need at the start of the course. Personalize it by creating attractive syllabus layouts, templates with any level of complexity.Automated lesson planner allows you to plan lessons, map with curriculum, and set up course schedules with ease to stay organized and save classroom preparation time.

Automatically move the lesson plan to a different day to day or week to week or for the selected period. Lesson planner provides option to shift lessons forward or backward.Access, share, track and make revisions in the files from anywhere and anytime. Add or update any standards you need.

Customize and organize lesson plans on the fly and create assignments, tests and other assessments that align with course objectives.

  •  Create syllabus templates
  •  Lesson plan based on schedules
  •  Move a lesson plan for a period
  •  Access plan from anywhere
  •  Customize lesson plans

Streamline Planning

Instructors can plan and manage all the lessons for each academic year with real-time progress tracking, integrated calendar, advanced search, notification, reports and analytics.The lesson planning system provides an option to add rich media including images and videos to lesson plans thereby enriching teaching.

Upload teaching aids from various places and distribute the lesson plans in standard formats on web and mobile devices.

  •  Streamline Lesson Planning
  •  Add rich media
  •  Upload resources

Syllabus Tracking

The cloud-based syllabus tracker allows you to prepare a detailed syllabus which aligns with the course goals.Map syllabus with course and learning outcomes and enable instructors can track, manage and share the syllabus with students including assignments & other learning materials.

The syllabus tracking system enable teachers to create online lesson planner for courses and share with students to access the resources in a most secure way from anywhere with a single click.

  •  Mapping with course objectives
  •  Syllabus Tracking
  •  Resource Sharing & Collaboration


Stay up to date with the automated notification, alerts and reminders on various deadlines including submission of assignments, feedback, as well as missed topics.Keep the parents informed of syllabus status in real time via email, SMS and push notifications.

It's easy to share lesson plans with peers, staff, or a substitute and authorize users on what they can see and for how long they'll be able to see it.

  •  Real-time notifications
  •  Notify the constituents
  •  Share with anyone

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Creatrix Campus is very powerful and customizable easily, ultra-modern. They are very customer service oriented company. Excellent team to work with. Steven D.R. Sparks
IT Director, Alamo Colleges

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